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Whatever Happened to Dan Bilzerian?

If you use Instagram, you may have heard of the man some call, “the king of Instagram”, right? Not necessarily. His name is Dan Bilzerian, and he has 35.2 million followers. That’s an impressive number of followers, but it’s nowhere near Christiano Ronaldo’s 298 million. Still, the...Continue reading

9 Blazing Diamonds Review

The reels are on fire at JackpotCity! Esteemed software provider, Microgaming, has collaborated with rising star SpinPlay Games to bring the red-hot online slot, 9 Blazing Diamonds, to this popular site. Inspired by classic-themed slot machines, but with a flaming twist, 9 Blazing Diamonds is a simple casino...Continue reading

Top 10 Tattoos for Online Casino Fans

Today’s tattoo art is more beautiful, precise and colourful than ever. Simple rose tattoos tucked carefully away under a shirt are a thing of the past. Contemporary tattoos can be big, bold and worn proudly, or intricate fine-lined ornaments. There are even watercolour tattoos and photographic tattoos now......Continue reading

Take control of your health with DNANudge

Desoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is the genetic blueprint of our body. DNA carries the data and instructions that help us develop, build and repair every single cell in our body. Information about our body size, appearance and susceptibility to certain diseases and microorganisms are all contained in the double helix...Continue reading

How eco-friendly is your casino?

Climate change is the most important issue of the 21st century. JackpotCity being an online casino, this article examines how an online casino compares to a land-based casino in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. We will try to answer the question: Is it more environmentally friendly to play online casino...Continue reading

Beginner’s guide to Blackjack Strategy

Before blackjack, there was "21," a game whose origin is unknown. You can find the first printed reference in the book "Rinconete y Cortadillo", by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, who also wrote "Don Quixote". It seems Cervantes himself seems to have been a player, so it is...Continue reading