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JackpotCity Casino on Twitter, Time and Moods

Feeling annoyed? Then it might be lunchtime on Wednesday. Actually, even just thinking about lunchtime on Wednesday just made me feel slightly annoyed… How about you? Do certain times of the day, or days of the week, affect your mood…? Several studies have shown that they probably do. While Mondays...Continue reading

The Best Casino-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

It’s never been easier to create incredible makeup looks all thanks to the thousands of makeup tutorials on YouTube. You can find tutorials on any makeup technique imaginable. Want to know how to do a smoky eye? Done. Wondering about eyebrow tattooing? You’ll find the answer. Never managed to draw a...Continue reading

How popular Casino games got their name

The oldest gambling venue in the world, which is still in operation today, is ithe Venezia in Venice, which opened in 1638. However, the evidence of gambling dates back much further, to 2300 BC, in ancient China. Tiles have been unearthed here that indicate that people were playing a kind of lottery at the...Continue reading

9 Masks of Fire™ Review

Microgaming and Gameburger Studios proudly presents , an online slots game packed with special features, including escalating Scatter Mask wins with the right symbol combinations. Enjoy the sunrise over the hot African jungle and play to the beat of soulfully rhythmic drums. Game Theme Africa has long been of...Continue reading

Norse Thrills in Thunderstruck Online Slots

Step back with us into a time where the ancient gods ruled over the earth. A time where terrible creatures of darkness were kept in check by the bravery of man and the divine prowess of beings so unimaginably powerful that the very mention of their name struck awe and inspiration into the hearts of their...Continue reading

Immortal Romance™ Online Slot

Few themes have captured the imagination of people around the world as much as paranormal romance, vampires and Gothic horror. Some years ago, software giant Microgaming released the darkly intriguing online slot, – with its cast of fascinating characters woven together in a tale of love and mystery. Now the...Continue reading

For Magic, Try Microgaming

When it comes to finding a range of exciting titles at your preferred , we recommend looking out for those created by Microgaming. The good news is that JackpotCity is not only a world-renowned gaming destination, but also home to plenty of them, some of which we will be looking at below. FU 88 Drawing...Continue reading

Serengeti Gold Casino Game

There’s no denying the fact that online and mobile casino games have become extremely popular in recent years. These days, you hear more about online casinos than you do land-based ones, and it therefore only makes sense that more effort is put into providing players with a selection of online casino games...Continue reading