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The best online casino among natural beauty

Summer in New Zealand is a beautiful time of the year. New Zealand’s warm summer season runs from December to February, opposite to the Northern hemisphere, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate Christmas and other holidays! The weather is mild, with average high temperatures ranging from 21 to 25...Continue reading

How To Get The Most From Free Spins Benefits

When looking for an to play on, it doesn’t take long to realise that free spins are pretty much standard fare at all Internet casinos. Any casino worth its salt is going to offer players free spins on some or all of its slots. Free spins are the casino’s way of attracting new players, retaining existing...Continue reading

How Online Casino Contact Centres Work

Setting up an effective customer support system can be a daunting task for any sized business. Not only do support staff need training and protocols to go about their job, but also a robust and effective technological system to facilitate all their communication. Even a largely automated like JackpotCity requires...Continue reading

Premier League January Transfer Window

  It’s the start of another calendar year, but only the end of the first half of the 2020-2021 soccer season in the UK. While kiwis are enjoying the beach, January is the time when Premier League managers take stock and appraise whether they need to strengthen their squads. In such a high stakes sport as...Continue reading

Online Casino Play From Microgaming

Anybody who has spent a good deal of time playing casino games online is probably familiar with Microgaming. They’re the biggest names in the business and one of the founding members of the industry. But while there name is synonymous with the industry, most people probably don’t know much about...Continue reading

Best Phones for Online Casino Gaming

We look at our phones countless times a day, whether we’re at work or at play…so why not start off the new year with a new device? Thanks to lots of exciting developments in mobile technology, there’s more variety than ever if you want to get a smartphone packed with features. We’ve chosen...Continue reading

Our Online Casino’s Top Charity Picks

This time of year, many of us are spending time with family and friends and enjoying the comforts of good food, good company and good fortune. Many people who find themselves in a comfortable financial position find it satisfying to give back to their community and world by helping out a cause that’s close...Continue reading

From the Online Casino to Online Classrooms

The last few years have seen a major shift towards online activities, so much so that, today, almost everything can be done from the comfort of your own home. From shopping for groceries to , getting food from your favourite restaurant to exploring museum collections and archives, the internet has brought the...Continue reading

Looking for Online Casino Luck?

A lot of us are looking for luck, especially as we head into the new year. Whether you want your team to win a big game, want to meet someone new or you’re hoping for a big break in the , you might have thought about good luck charms. Every culture has its own signs of good and bad fortune, which often have...Continue reading