4 Exotic Animals Kept as Pets

Source: Pixabay

I don’t need to tell you that mankind’s relationship with animals goes back a very, very long time - hundreds of thousands of years in fact. Most anthropologists, historians and all those people with titles and degrees will tell you that man domesticated the wolf and that things grew from there. We already know that people like keeping pets, mainly dogs, cats and fish. General statements aside though, the line-up of pets that people keep is quite varied. I’m a cat person. Cats aren’t sycophants like dogs who will do just about anything for you to pet them. Today I’m here to talk about the more exotic choices that people make when it comes to pet companionship. So without further ado, let’s get down to it.

1. Snakes

Snakes are popular choices in the exotic animal range. I still harbour that entrenched fear that all people have when it comes to the mere sight of those creatures. Common choices are the boas and pythons – non-venomous snakes that, depending on the breed, can grow a good 5-feet in length, and amuse and scare all who visit. These snakes are low maintenance too. You put them in their enclosure, drop in a mouse every now and then, and Bob’s your uncle.

2. Scorpions

For those of you who love observational pets, the scorpion might be for you. You’ll never be able to hold this one or caress it, and why would you? It looks like a desert tank who made love to a crab and it’s got a venomous tail. Believe it or not, these things are easy to catch too. All you’ll need is a spade, a 2 – 5 litre canister of water and a…what? Yes, I know it’s a gamblers blog. Why haven’t I spoken about JackpotCity Online Casino? Because I didn’t think it was applicable here. It won’t happen again. No problem.

3. Mexican Red-Legged Tarantula

Something that’s really amazing about the each animal listed so far, is that regardless of size, it is formidable. The same goes for the Mexican Red-Legged Tarantula, which as it turns out is basically your tarantula 101 model. So don’t be spooked by the contrasting colours or the hairy legs, because these spiders have a good temperament and would rather flee than fight. From what I can tell, they are calm spiders with a mild penchant for aggression and skittish behaviour.

4. Flying Squirrel

I’m not that familiar with squirrels. I’ve seen many and they strike me as wild as wild can get. I’ll say this much, if there’s one way to get those critters to come your way, it’s to produce a bag of nuts. They’ll fold in no time and I reckon this is how you’re going to win the heart of their flying cousins. Apparently they make great pets, so much so that you can let them climb the high places in your house and watch them glide down. They can be really domesticated too, thus making for an utterly cute companion, although you’ll need a permit.

Final Thoughts

Well that’s it for now chaps and chicks. Before I sign off I’d like to add that if you’re going to seriously consider an exotic animal as a pet, do all the research that’s possible. Find out the exact requirements before going ahead. It’s just the right thing to do.

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