5 Crazy Mobile Gaming Locations

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Mobile casinos have given us the chance to play whenever and wherever we please, opening up a whole new world of entertainment to anyone who wants to have fun at any time. There are some truly crazy places you can now play mobile casino games, and players have stretched their limits – and their imaginations – to try their luck in the most outlandish, unexpected ways.

In order from the least to the most nuts, the 5 craziest and most hilarious places to enjoy JackpotCity casino games on your smartphone or tablet are listed below.

#1 – At Work

Work isn’t actually such an unusual place to indulge in a bit of casino game action, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you did indeed win? You’d have to stay very calm and in control, no matter how much you were jumping up and down on the inside! If you do find yourself grabbing precious moments of game-time on the job, this is something you should practice and prepare for. While we may not be the first to admit it, we know that a lot of players sneak off for a bathroom break at the office and are really there just to have a few spins on the slots or play a few hands of Blackjack!

#2 – In Traffic

At JackpotCity, we don’t condone driving and playing at all, and we’re just putting this here as a reminder to not do that. However, if you’re a passenger and you play and win, we cannot imagine a better way to liven up a boring traffic jam. Sometimes a commute can be really boring, and it’s a great way to liven up a time that would otherwise be spent staring out of the window. If you can win big while being stuck in traffic, why not?

#3 – In the Mountains

It would be pretty crazy to win on your favourite mobile casino game while hiking in the mountains, or when communing with nature in any way, really. Sitting by a tranquil lake or huddled in a log cabin sounds like just as much of a head-rush to us, but we know a lot of players who enjoy the great outdoors and their favourite games all at once!

#4 – In Church

Don’t think this hasn’t happened! A normal service at church, shul, mosque or temple of any kind is bad enough – but what if it was a really special or solemn occasion? What if it was your daughter’s or your friend’s wedding, or the christening of your niece or nephew? Or even someone’s funeral? Would you be able to contain yourself? You’d be surprised at how many players quietly play mobile casino games in places of worship while attending a special occasion. It’s a strange way to celebrate, but sometimes weddings may go on a little long, and you need a distraction…

#5 – On the Porcelain Throne

Okay, we couldn’t resist! The craziest place to imagine winning big at a mobile casino has to be alone, perched on the toilet seat. Can you imagine having to describe it? The funny thing is, almost everyone does it - even if they don’t own up to it!

Think About Where you Play

If these examples show us anything, it’s that some places are much in need of some added excitement, such as the bathroom, but others demand your full presence and attention, like being at a religious service. Think about where you want to be when you win big, and how you want to remember the moment before you decide whether or not you want to indulge. That doesn’t mean you should play any less, just that it should be in the right place, at the right time!

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