Top 10 Animal Races

A Snail

Source: Alex Blăjan

Want to learn a little more about some unusual animal-related sports? Our list of 10 includes not only the classics of racing animals, but also some more unusual participants. You might have tried sport betting in a Canada online casino with the popular sports such as football and hockey, but these examples prove there are plenty of obscure sports for you to discover from around the world.

1. Horse racing

The ‘sport of kings’ is, of course, the classic form of animal racing. Usually subdivided into ‘flat racing’ around a level racecourse or ‘steeplechasing’ which involves jumps or hurdles, this sport attracts enormous crowds all over the world and supports a vast betting industry.

2. Greyhound racing

Racing greyhounds run around a specially created track or circuit, and greyhound racing has a long history as a spectator sport. The usual form of commercial track racing seen all around the world uses an artificial ‘hare’ fixed to a rail. This lure is set to move ahead of the hounds all the way to the finishing line. There is a well-established system of casino betting and trackside betting on the outcome of greyhound races.

3. Pigeon racing

In the sport of pigeon racing, carefully trained birds are released to make their way back home over a set distance. Once the pigeons have successfully journeyed back, a calculation establishes each bird’s average speed and how long it took to complete the course. The race winner is the bird which records the fastest time. Betting on the outcome of pigeon races is quite a common form of online casino Canada sport betting.

4. Buffalo racing

Buffalo racing occurs in South India, where it is known locally as kambala. Crowds of around 20,000 watch two pairs of buffaloes racing head-to-head on a specially designed waterlogged track which is traditionally 450 feet long. Kambala races originally developed between neighbouring farms, and one by-product of this activity is that the hooves of the racing buffaloes help to break up the soil in preparation for sowing a new crop.

5. Camel racing

Camel racing is a popular professionally regulated sport in countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, the Arab Gulf States, Australia, and Mongolia. In these areas, camel racing has much the same profile as horse racing, and attracts tourists and local crowds prepared to bet on the outcome. Often ridden by child jockeys, racing camels can achieve speeds of up to 40 mph (65 km/h) during sprint races, and up to 25 mph in longer endurance races. As those who play casino online games may know, camel racing has now introduced remotely controlled robot jockeys.

6. Snail racing

Snail racing requires great patience and a quirky sense of humour. Races are ‘run’ in many parts of the world, and is particularly popular in the UK. Race circuits are invariably circular and likely to involve the use of damp cloths. An authentic racetrack will have a radius of some 13 to 14 inches. To make this spectacle as spectator-friendly as possible, snail competitors have numbers and racing logos temporarily fixed to their shells during racing (but not in training).

7. Hamster racing

Hamster racing involves hamster wheels often attached to tiny race vehicles. During an event, the hamster race contenders compete over a 30-foot course. The animal that completes the race in the fastest time is deemed the winner. The present world record, set in 2001, is reported to be a scorching 38 seconds. In the UK - which seems to have a particular propensity for unusual sport betting opportunities - and some other parts of the world, online bookmakers offer odds on certain ‘official’ hamster races. Those who like the idea of hamster-themed online casino games in Canada may want to check out this sport.

8. Ostrich racing

It’s not much like the Cheltenham Festival, yet ostrich racing is incredibly popular – especially in Arizona, which has an Ostrich Festival, and South Africa where tourists can also try ostrich riding for themselves. Illustrations suggest there may even have been ostrich riding in Ancient Egypt. In full stride, an ostrich carrying a mounted jockey can reach speeds of around 43mph, making the spectacle both fast and fairly dangerous. So look out for opportunities to bet on this crazy sport in your favourite casino online in Canada.

9. Yak racing

Yak racing features as a spectator sport at traditional festivals in regions such as Tibet, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. This celebration of the yak takes place at horse festivals and similar gatherings alongside singing, dancing, wrestling and other physical games. There are around 10 to 12 riders who take part and the colourful, open-field event is completed by racing yaks at a very fast pace.

10. Pig-racing

Pig racing as a sport is generally confined to countries such as the UK, Southern Ireland and the United States. These races are organised for entertainment purposes and to add an extra element of colour and interest to local country fairs and similar events. The racetrack is a small enclosure usually on grass, gravel or bare earth. Competitors are usually young pigs who can reach decent speeds, but often in an erratic and unpredictable fashion.

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