Can You Cheat At Casino Dice?


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It’s obviously in the best interests of casinos that cheaters never prosper. Dealers and pit bosses are mandated to keep a close watch on all the players to make sure that no shady deals are going on. Cheaters that are caught can be thrown out of the casino, banned from entering or worse. In fact, in Las Vegas being caught cheating is considered a felony and can incur up to six years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. When gambling in an online casino, this is never something players have to worry about however. Let’s take a look at some of the ways cheaters might try to take advantage at dice games like craps.

Dice sliding

Dice sliding is a simple concept, but it’s far easier said than done. The object of this method is exactly what it sounds like. Dice sliders try to slide the dice onto the mat instead of rolling them. Rolling the dice of course leads to randomness, so rolling is to be avoided. If done right, sliders can make the dice land on their desired numbers. The skill is considered to be relatively simple and can be learned in a couple of weeks.

Dice sliding once or twice is however not always evidence of cheating. Sometimes players just roll dice in strange ways. But if a player consistently slides dice in such a way that leads to a winning streak, this is generally a red flag to casino staff.

Loaded dice

Loaded dice are dice that have been tampered with in order to make them land on particular numbers more often. Tampering with the dice is the easy part, but making them work in a casino setting is far more difficult.

One method of creating loaded dice is by shaving off parts of the dice in order to affect their center of gravity. Another method is to place a weighted insert inside the dice. Cheaters would need to tamper with the dice at home and then swap them out with the casino dice without the dealer noticing.

Most casinos combat this by making dice transparent so any tampering is immediately apparent. Casino dice are also packaged in pairs with matching serial numbers or monograms, this way any dice that didn’t match have clearly been tampered with.

Past posting

Past posting is means of cheating at craps that doesn’t involve tampering with the dice or roll in any way. The term “past posting” refers to placing a bet on the table after the dice have come to rest on the table. This is usually done by distracting the dealer and then placing their bet after the dice have come to a stop and the dealer isn’t looking.

Dealers, pit bosses and security cameras are constantly looking for cheaters trying to past post. Some craps tables also have built in mirrors that let dealers see if players are trying to conceal chips in their hands for a sneaky past post.

Hop bets

Hops bets are a special kind of bet available in craps that allow players to bet on the number of both dice in a single roll. A hop bet is made by voice and doesn’t require that chips be placed on the table. Because this type of bet is legal, cheating on a hop bet requires collusion between the cheating player and the dealer. The player will mumble their answer to the dealer to make it look like a bet was made. The dealer then pays out no matter what the dice land on.

Cheating at hop bets is more difficult to combat because it is done audibly and not visually. However, because the odds of hop bets are so low, a player who is continually paid out on hop bets is a telltale sign for pit bosses.

Maybe stick to online gambling

While these are some of the methods available to players, we do not suggest trying any of them. Many ambitious cheaters have tried and been caught, suffering massive fines and jail time. When gambling online, such as in a casino online, the use of software means that cheating is virtually impossible.

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