Why Online Casino Cybersecurity Is So Good

A cybersecurity padlock super-imposed over lines of computer code.

Online casinos are currently enjoying a massive boom time. While the rest of the world is stuck at home, many industries have been struggling to make ends meet. The online gambling industry is one of the few still managing to thrive, making it a prime target for cyberattacks.

No player is going to want to give their financial and private information to a casino they see as unsafe. Online casinos therefore spend a great deal of time and money ensuring they’re protected by rock-solid security. As one of the best online casino, JackpotCity goes to great lengths to ensure our security standards are on par with the best. Let’s take a look at what makes online casinos some of the safest places on the internet today.

Why are online casino prime targets?

Trying to steal from an online casino is kind of like trying to rob a bank. Every day online casinos process countless transactions worth huge amounts of money. Most of these transactions are performed via debit and credit payments, e-wallets, and wire transfers. For hackers to be able to steal even some of this money could mean a sizeable payday.

In addition to trying to steal money, hackers also see private information as another tempting target. Sensitive information about a casino’s clientele includes things like email addresses or passwords. These can be used to facilitate other cybercrimes such as identity theft. Sometimes this information can even be sold on the black market for a profit.


Different types of cyberattacks

There are a number of ways that hackers can sabotage an online casino Canada. These range in severity from merely annoying to outright malicious. Many of these are also targeted primarily at the casino rather than the player, but they can affect the player’s experience while online.

Taking cybersecurity measures

The various means hackers use to attack online casinos is obviously very serious business. Protection from outside intrusion is a top priority for online casinos. This is why they make use of the latest measures to protect themselves and their customers.

At JackpotCity online casino we see the cost of cybersecurity as an investment rather than an expense. We include all the above measures and more as part of our standard security protocol. In addition to this we also partner with 10 of the most trusted payment portals and e-wallets on the internet. These are:

These payment gateways not only ensure safe transactions, but also fast and effective transactions. They’re among the best in the world, and that’s why we use them.


Putting cybersecurity to the test

The only way for online casinos to really know if their security is effective is to put it to the test. This is where ethical hacking comes in. Ethical hacking is the practice of hacking into systems to try and discover any weaknesses so you can fix them. This is also sometimes referred to as “Red Teaming”.

Red Teaming a website like an online casino requires ethical hackers to attempt to attack the site with both digital and real-world means.

Staying safe online

While we do our best to ensure that all our players stay safe, there are also measures users can take to ensure online safety. These measures apply not only to online casino Canada, but to internet use in general.

By practicing these measures across all parts of online life you can do a great deal to protect yourself online.

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The safest place on the internet

Though online casinos are huge targets for cybercriminals, this knowledge ensures casinos take the strictest security protocols possible. It’s almost funny to think that this huge threat is what makes online casinos so safe.

The internet has become an important part of everyday life and safety on it is more important than ever. Ensuring safe internet practices is the duty of websites, but a certain level of safety is also required by users as well. By doing our part we can all ensure that the internet can remain a safe space for everybody who chooses to use it.

JackpotCity online casino understands the phenomenal responsibility we have in keeping our players safe. If you choose to spend your time with us, then you can do so safe in the knowledge that your privacy is in good hands.


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