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Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is the genetic blueprint of our body. DNA carries the data and instructions that help us to develop, build and repair every single cell in our body. Information about our height, the way we look and our vulnerabilities to certain diseases and microorganisms are all contained within the double helix strands of DNAs containing over three billion strands of codes found all over our body. Their role is not entirely dissimilar to architects on construction sites or software developers for casino online websites.

Hiding behind the DNA Piñata

For so long though, we have used DNA as a punching bag for all of our ailments, an easy excuse we can hide behind. Overweight? Well, that’s just genetics, and no amount of diet or exercise can reduce my weight. Poor cognitive skills? That’s my DNAs fault, and it has nothing to do with the absence of Vitamin B complex in my daily food intake. Failed to make the cut for the hockey team? That’s also DNA-related, and any increase of protein in my diet will never make me grow stronger muscles or improve my reflexes.

What if we tell you that recent developments in food sciences have demonstrated that personalised nutrition can help to address dietary susceptibility, influence the expression of positive traits within our genome, and improve our internal nutritional biology? In layman’s terms, personalised nutrition can help to achieve a healthier and stronger version of you. If you want to make improvements in your health, relationship, career or even win more poker games at online casino games Canada website, you have to take this leap.

Admittedly, personalised medicine is not easy. Understanding what you can and should eat, and how they impact your internal biology takes a lot of time and effort. But what if you had help in the form of a wrist band which you can use to scan food in supermarkets or stores? What if this wrist band knows everything about your DNA, and can help you make correct food purchasing and eating decisions? Maybe it’s time for you to meet DNANudge.

What is DNANudge and how does it work?

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DNANudge is essentially a digital assistant which helps you to buy the right food and put the right type of nutrition in your body. The mechanics are simple. First, either put on a DnaBand on your wrist or install the DNANudge app on your smartphone. Then, scan the barcode of the product you want to buy. The band or app will check the ingredients of the product and analyse it against your DNA code. It will then flash a green thumbs-up icon if the product is good for you, or a red thumbs-down icon if it’s bad for your health. An amber thumbs-up might also pop up on rare occasions, indicating inconclusive result – you will have to make a judgement call in such instances.

Setting up DNANudge

The first step in setting up DNANudge is by giving them a sample of your DNA. Yes, it is intrusive and there are privacy concerns, but this is the only way the company can accurately analyse your DNA. Without the sample, the whole thing won’t work.

You can provide your DNA sample by going directly to the company’s headquarters in Covent Garden, London. A team of trained professionals will extract the sample and perform a comprehensive diagnostic only on parts of your DNA which is affected by nutrition. The result will be ready in an hour, and it will be uploaded to the DnaBand on your wrist or app on your phone.  

If you are busy or live far from London, you may also request a home test kit to be mailed to you. You can then extract the sample on your own and mail it back to DNANudge.

Either way, once the process is completed, you will have in your possession a massive databank detailing your genetic predisposition to ailments such as cardiac diseases, diabetes, hypertension and more. It will take into account the likelihood and probability of the diseases manifesting now or in the future, and make informed recommendations using the data.

When the app analyses the product’s barcode, it will instantly know the amount of sodium, sugar, fat, caffeine, iron and much more contained in it.  DnaBand also functions as a fitness tracker, so the app will factor in your level of activity for the day into its decision-making process. In case you’re wondering, the app has information about 500,000 products sold in stores around the United Kingdom, so there is very little chance of your scan showing no result.

DNANudge functions like a personal nutritionist or dietician – minus the £40,000 annual salary. Used judiciously alongside an improved lifestyle, this device can do wonders for your body’s health.

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