Tips for Formula-1 Betting at Online Casino

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The Formula One season is upon us again, and today we have decided to share with you a comprehensive guide to betting on your favourite cars and drivers! It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie to this sport, or an experienced Formula One fan – there is something here for everyone. So, buckle up and enjoy learning about how you can improve your chances of winning with our online casino betting guide!

Formula One Quick Overview

Formula One is well known as the top level of international single-seater car racing, which makes the F1 World Drivers’ Championship one of the most desirable and status-driven prizes in all motor sports. This sport makes for thrilling watching and even more fun research and remembering the trivia about drivers, cars and circuits for strategic wagering!

During the 2021 season, the Formula One season will consist of 23 races – up from 17 races which were able to be held the previous year. During the 2020 season, the COVID-19 pandemic created a massive problem for the Formula One events, with many of the races – including the opening event, Melbourne’s Australian Grand Prix – getting cancelled. However, this year the races are back on.

This year, Formula One World Championship has entered into its 72nd season, with the of 20 drivers in 10 teams. The season started on the 28 March in Bahrain and will continue onto 13 December at Abu Dhabi. The schedule will see the Australian Grand Prix shifted from the usual March opening of the season to November. It will also include the return of the Dutch Grand Prix and the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The confirmed 10 teams are Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Aston Martin, Alpine, Ferrari, AlphaTauri, Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams.

Basic Strategy

A Formula One Grand Prix event usually takes a full weekend. First, there come two Free Practice sessions, usually held on a Friday – except in Monaco, where they take place on Thursday. On Saturday, there is just one Free Practice. After that, there is a Qualifying session, which determines the order for the main race on Sunday.

A winner of the main race is awarded 25 points, with the second-place winner taking 18 points. The third driver to cross the line takes 15 points, and the following seven drivers earn a few points each. All points are added, and in the end of the season, the driver who brings in the most point is proclaimed to be the winner of the Formula One World Drivers Championship.

This system adds a variety and an element of randomness to the betting system in Formula One, compared to other sports. Since there are 20 cars in each race, with each driver having the potential to bring in points, the results can vary hugely. This makes Formula One a very interesting sport to bet on.

Two of the options that you can bet on are the Free Practice and the Qualifying races. The Free Practice is not very relevant for betting, since its nothing more than a warm up lap. However, it’s a useful one to watch, because it will give you some insights into the cars and the drivers in the race. It might also give you a hint or two about how the driver will perform in the Qualifying race.

Should you bet on the Qualifying races at your local online casino NZ? Well, there are both pros and cons to this type of betting. The Qualifying stage of Formula One races comes in three stages, which gives the bettors time to decide on which bets would suit them the best. The Pole Position (i.e. a driver who completes all laps and finishes the final Qualifying session with the fastest time) is always a popular option.  But before you decide to bet, let’s talk about the types of Grand Prix bets!

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Types of Grand Prix Bets

There are a range of Formula One Grand Prix bets that you can place, with plenty of markets on each race. For most of the races, they are the same. It’s important to understand them before going headfirst into the betting game!

Winning Driver – This one is straightforward, it’s a bet on the driver that you believe will win a particular Grand Prix race. The driver has to complete all laps and finish first to bring in the win.

Fastest Qualifier – This is an easy bet, placed on the Qualifying stage of the circuit. Again, if you can predict the driver who finishes the qualifying session in the fastest time, that will be your win.

Winning Constructor – This bet is placed on the team, rather than a driver. Since there are always two drivers from each team on the track, you will have two chances of winning. For example, in 2021, Mercedes is putting Hamilton and Bottas on the track – both stellar drivers, amplifying your chances of a win.

Podium Finish – this is a straightforward bet, always popular among the fans. In a nutshell, you win the bet by selecting a driver who will finish on the podium (either a winner, 2nd or 3rd place in the race). This bet is great, as it gives you three chances to score a win in each race.

Pole Position – this bet must be placed before the Qualifying stage takes place. You will win it by predicting the driver who completes all laps and finishes the final (third) Qualifying Session in the fastest time, within a 12 -minute window.

Fastest Lap – This is another very simple bet to understand and – perhaps – to win. Simply choose a driver who you think will be finishing a lap in the fastest time, and you could stand to win a good wager.

Winning Margin – this bet can be won by selecting the winning margin between the first and the second place, and betting whether it will greater or lesser than the time, offered by the sports bookie. For example, if the bookie sets the margin at 5.0 seconds, you can place the bet on a lesser or greater time margin and hopefully make a profit.

The final popular bet is called Safety Car. This is simply a yes / no bet on whether a safety car makes an appearance on the track during the race. Very simple and easy!

Grand Prix Betting Strategy

What’s the best strategy for placing a great winning bet on the Formula One Grand Prix at online casinos? Know your drivers, of course! The drivers are the stars of this sport, and it will pay to know their names and histories. The more you watch the races and immerse yourself in the racing world news, the easier it will be for you to pick out the outstanding drivers, and to understand which ones you should avoid. The drivers are the beating hearts of the racing cars, and so much of their performance is based on their temperament, performance in different environments and histories!

So, which key drivers should you be watching for in 2021 season?

Lewis Hamilton – the British Star

One the favourite drivers this year is, unsurprisingly, Lewis Hamilton, driving for Mercedes. He is taking short odds to take a fifth straight Driver’s Championship – which would make a record-smashing eighth overall win! Over the last four seasons, this brilliant British driver has won 97 Formula One races to date! Hamilton started racing in 2007 and has continually smashed through one record after another. In 2017, he broke all records for having the most Pole Positions of all drivers, and then, in the same year, broke the record of the most front row starts. At the 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix, he broke Michael’s Schumacher’s record of winning the most championships. Hamilton has won at least one race in every season that he entered – a record that has been unrivalled by any other driver!

Valtteri Bottas – the Finnish Contender

The third driver, well positioned for Formula One betting, is Valtteri Bottas from Finland. In the six of the past seven seasons, he finished in the top five, with the highlights of his career coming in 2019 and 2020, when he came second. Let’s see if he will be able to top this record in 2021! In the past two Formula One events, he won six races and finished second 11 times. The only real impediment to his wins has, ironically, been his own Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton!

Max Verstappen – the Belgian Racer

Max Verstappen, spearheading the Red Bull team, finished the 2019 and 2020 Drivers’ Championships in the third place. He also won two of the 2020 races and finished 10 out of the other 11 completed races in the top three! He started his career in 2015, at the Australian Grand Prix, where he was the youngest driver to compete in Formula One racing. Another ‘first’ for him was being the youngest ever driver to win a Formula One Grand Prix in 2016 – and the first Dutch driver, too!

Sergio Perez  - a Red Bull favourite

Sergio Perez, also driving for Red Bull, made his debut in the Australian Grand Prix in 2011, and has taken one win so far. This is his chance to prove himself as a star driver. In the past, he’s driven for McLaren and Racing Point, and has won his first Formula One Grand Prix in 2020 at Sakhir, the same season that he broke the record for a number of starts before a race win (at 190). He’s known for being an assertive ‘fighter’ of a driver, and a master at handling tyres on his racing cars to get that extra something to enhance the performance and to get an upper hand on strategy. He’s a strong analytical driver, very capable and driven.

Sebastian Vettel – fresh face at Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel has taken over Sergio Perez’ seat, signing up for a new and rebranded Aston Martin team. He made his debut at the 2007 USA Grand Prix and had a stellar career with Red Bull and the Prancing Horse, scoring 53 wins and 57 poles so far during his career. His four Titles have landed him a new start at Aston Martin, reviving the team and bringing in his leadership and experience to take the team to new heights.

There are many more stellar drivers in all teams this season, and its well worth acquainting yourself with them all, to maximise your chances of a solid win!

Spanish Grand Prix Odds

So, with these key drivers and more, what do the odds look like for the 2021 season of Formula One?

The season has already started with Lewis Hamilton topping all charts as the most popular driver, sitting at the top of the ranking as the Fastest Qualifier, Top 3 Finish, Points Finish, the Drivers’ Championship Winner and the most Popular Driver. He is closely followed by Max Verstappen, Valterri Bottas and Sergio Perez. With the Spanish Grand Prix coming up, Mercedes is topping the list of teams, closely followed by Red Bull.

So, with this plethora of choices and information, how does a rookie bettor become an experienced and successful Formula One bet winner? What should they pay the most attention to?

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Betting on Multiple Drivers

There are many ways that you can place your bets on the drivers in Formula One betting, but you are never restricted to betting just on the race winner! You might be thinking that, for example, both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have a chance at winning – then you should be betting on both of them! As long as one of them wins, you will make some profit on your bets. Of course, this strategy comes with the risk that you will win less than if you just picked the winner.

How About the Cars and Circuits

The cars are essential in the car races, and the key here to remember how specific cars and even circuits can affect the star drivers’ abilities to succeed in the race. Some drivers tend to perform better on specific tracks and do worse on others. It is essential for the bettors to know the histories of the cars and the circuits, and the histories of the drivers – it could mean the difference between a winning and a losing bet!

Statistical Game

Formula One, as a sport, revolves around statistical data and margins of success. All of the drivers, cars, teams and constructors are the best in the game, and even the tiniest details make a huge difference to who wins and who loses the race. The smartest bettors understand not just the track history, driver performance history and car builds, but even the weather and how it affects individual drivers! A seasoned Formula One bettor must have an excellent memory and attention to detail.

Practices and Qualifiers

Watching Free Practice sessions is essential in Formula One betting education. Perhaps betting on them is not the best idea, but they can help you make up your mind about placing the bets on the races or the Qualifying sessions. The Practice lap time and how the driver handles the car will give you hints how they might handle the circuit during the real race. This will be key to you placing a winning bet.

The Pole Position is also very important in Formula One racing. This is key on some tracks, for example on the Monza circuit, where the drivers in the Pole position are often much more likely to win the race. The Practice sessions will also show you which tyres the crews are choosing for the cars, and how faster cars might perform on specific circuits.

Take Your Time

In the beginning of every Formula One season, take your time to familiarise yourself with the cars and the drivers. There are no guarantees that the last year’s winner will be doing well in the championship, or that a star driver who moved across to another team will be able to handle a new car as well as he did in the previous years. So take your time, weigh up your chances of winning, and place your bets judiciously, and you’ll be almost guaranteed a win!


Dedicated serious betting on the Formula One Grand Prix races is not as straightforward as in some other sports, and it’s a game of data and statistics. At the same time, the excitement and the thrill of this auto racing is second to none! Focussing on learning as much as you can about the sport and keeping up to data on the drivers and car constructors will give you the best chances for winning bets and enjoy yourself immensely.

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