Get It All With Gamification

If the word “gamification” sounds made up, that’s because it is. It is online casino slang that only came into use very recently. What are not made up, however, are the very real rewards that come with gamification. This is because the term “gamification” refers to rewards offered by casinos to regular (or new) players, regardless of whether or not they win. It takes your casino experience to the next level. Gamification is also something you will only really find in online casinos. Land-based casinos do offer something similar but their rewards are generally reserved for high-rollers and you really have to play often to earn them.

By contrast, online gamification benefits are available to everyone (regardless of how high you roll) and they are fairly easy to come by. They also take a wide variety of forms – from free spins to merchandise – so each gambling site has something unique to offer. Here’s a quick look at just some of the types of gamification available on the web and what you have to do to get your hands on these exciting benefits:

Online Casino Bonuses

The first type of gamification that you are likely to come across when you sign up with an online casino is the welcome bonus. This generally takes the form of a certain number of free spins or a bankroll boost with which to play on the house. The best types of welcome bonuses do not require you to deposit any money before you can use your bonus. You only have to spin a certain number of slots on your own dime in order to withdraw your winnings. These bonuses are a great way to get the ball rolling – or, as it were, the reels spinning.

And casino bonuses are not just for new players. Most online gambling sites also like to reward their existing players with loyalty or even referral bonuses (when players recommend the site to their friends).

Site Loyalty Points

Speaking of loyalty rewards, another way in which online casinos like to reward returning players is via a loyalty points system. Just like supermarkets that allow shoppers to accumulate points (to redeem at a later stage) every time they shop, the best online casinos award loyalty points to players every time they spin. Once they have accumulated a sizable number of points, players can then either use those points to play more slots or, in some cases, claim some fun prizes from the casino’s online shop. (Remember swapping your tokens for prizes at the games arcade when you were a child?)

Player Leader Boards

Ever wonder who’s the best player on the site? Online casinos with leader board systems actually allow you to see how you compare to other players. That could be a nice ego boost but it will make an even better bankroll boost.

Usually, you have to play on certain slots in order to qualify for the leader board and this puts you in line for daily, weekly and monthly bonus winnings. Sometimes, these bonuses come as free spins or credits and sometimes they gain players access to unique games (these are often skills based) to win exclusive prizes.

Bonus Prize Challenges

In some cases, you won’t even have to rank highly on the leader board in order to play these special games. Some casinos challenge all players to complete missions in a format similar to that of computer games in order to win bonus prizes. The prizes up for grabs here are as varied as the types of games that casinos choose to offer. They include free spins, bonus credits, points redeemable for instant prizes, and more.

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