How to Create a JackpotCity Mobile Casino Account

Powered by world renowned software provider Microgaming, JackpotCity brings you the very best in mobile casino action and entertainment. Whether you are relaxing at home or out and on the go, you can play a range of games and enjoy opportunities to win real money jackpots.

However, before you can start playing, you will need to create an account. Creating an account is quick and easy. You can do it in browser on your smartphone or tablet, or once you have downloaded the app for Android or iOS devices.

How to Create an Account

Log on to JackpotCity mobile casino in browser, or tap the app to open it. Start off by tapping the First Name box, and then typing in your name.

Next, tap the Last Name box, and type in your last name.

Once you have done that, you will need to enter your date of birth in the Date of Birth box.

Next, tap the Email box, and type in a valid email address.

The next box you need to fill in is your address. Tap the box, and type in your address.

When you have done that, tap the City box, and type in your city of residence.

Next, tap the Country box. A drop-down menu will open up, and you can scroll down to find your country of residence. Tap the country name, and it will be entered into the Country box automatically.

Tap the State/Province box, and enter the state or province in which you live.

Once you have done that, tap the Zip/Postal Code box, and type in your zip code or your postal code.

Tap the Mobile Number box, and type in your mobile telephone number.

When you have done that, tap the Preferred Language box. A drop-down menu will open, and you can select your preferred language from the list.

Next, tap the Currency box, and select your currency from the list.

You can then tap the Preferred Username box and type in the username you want to use. That done, tap the Password box, and type in the password you want to use.

Next, you will need to tap boxes to confirm that you want to receive promotional offers from JackpotCity, that you want your account to have Auto Login, and that you confirm you are of legal gambling age and accept terms and conditions.

Double-check that the information you have entered is correct. When you have done that, tap the Submit button. Your account should be created almost instantly, and the Lobby screen will then open up.

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