How To Play Online Slot Tournaments

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There are hundreds of exceptional slots titles available at JackpotCity Online Casino Canada.

The reason is because this type of casino game is hugely popular. However, playing online slots has always been a solo affair – just the player on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone device.

That is, until online tournaments came along. These tourneys give players the chance to play top titles, while interacting and competing against one another in a secure but exciting environment.

What’s more, online tournaments offer prizes for the top-ranking players in each tournament, plus there is the added thrill of having a limited time to play.

Below, we discuss in more depth the world of online tournaments at JackpotCity, from what they are, to how to play them. Let’s take a look!

Solo Slots Vs. Online Tourneys

As we’ve already mentioned, playing slots online usually means playing alone on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone via our casino app – while at home or on the move.

That’s quite different from being at a land-based casino, where one can play near other people and interact with them. And while online play is decidedly more convenient than having to travel to a brick-and-mortar establishment, some players might miss the social interactions and competitive atmosphere inherent to those casinos. Hence, the creation of online tournaments, where players could once again interact and compete against one another.

Playing the game alone versus playing against others is not the only difference, however. When doing the former it means that players can decide on their own starting balance, how long they’d like to play for, and how much they want to top up their credits. With online tournaments, however, well, let’s discuss that further below.

How To Play Online Tourneys

When it comes to online tournaments, there is a selected slot that all competitors must play. What’s more, all players will have the same number of credits/coins, the same timeframe in which to complete their play, and the same final objective.

Most JackpotCity Casino account holders will qualify to get invitations to play a tournament. That doesn’t mean they have to compete, of course, as that’s totally up to each individual player. But if they do, they must simply keep their eyes peeled for any notifications. Once logged in, they can navigate to the Tournaments tab, where they can join the tournament.

Players will then receive tournament credits to play with and accumulate payout points during their allocated timeframe. The objective is to keep playing to improve one’s ranking and move up the leaderboard. The tournament can end for a player when their time or coins run out. 

Once the tournament is done, the top-ranking players can collect their bonus credit prizes and they’ll be declared the winners.

Players can then continue playing other games or tournaments at JackpotCity. But remember to always be cognisant of one’s bankroll – stay within one’s budget and limits, and always, game responsibly.

Socialness And Other Thoughts

There’s a social aspect to playing online slot tournaments that cannot be replicated when playing slots on one’s own. By adding that interactivity, along with time limits and the same number of credits/coins for each contestant, it gives the players plenty of competitive camaraderie and excitement to look forward to.

There are, of course, other things to consider when playing in an online slot tournament. It’s important to note the actual game being played and what its paylines and paytable include. By looking at the paytable, players can see what symbols are important, while the paylines show what combinations can work to award possible wins. Remember, Wild symbols can replace other symbols to create combos, while Scatter symbols are usually the key to unlocking any bonus rounds. Multipliers, as their name implies, can multiply wins, making them very useful indeed.

Powered By Microgaming

Another reason why online slots tournaments have become popular is the casino games involved are powered by highly respected software providers like the legendary Microgaming.

Founded in 1994, Microgaming has years of experience and is renowned for producing online slots with stellar graphics, inventive features, crisp-clear sound accompaniments, ultra-smooth gameplay, easy-to-use navigation, and innovative features.

What’s more, its games come with variety of exciting themes and appeal to different types of players, no matter their levels of experience, budgetary needs, or personal preferences.

JackpotCity Online Casino CA

Slots and tournaments are all the rage at JackpotCity Online Casino Canada.

Launched in 1998, JackpotCity is one of the oldest and most established online and mobile casinos out there. And along with its stunning selection of slots and other casino games, plus its enthralling tourneys, it has much to offer – including around-the-clock live chat customer support, state-of-the-art security measures, trustworthy banking mechanisms, satisfying loyalty perks, and regular promotions.

What’s more, JackpotCity is fully licensed and eCOGRA-certified for accountable conduct and fair gameplay, making it a top destination for enjoying online tournaments in a totally safe and responsible gaming environment.

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