Ian Somerhalder Returns To Vampires

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Model and actor Ian Somerhalder is set to return to the world of vampires in a new Netflix original show. The show is called V-Wars, and, ingeniously, is about a war with vampires. Put the pieces of the brain-busting puzzle together and you’ll decipher that the V in V-Wars stands for vampire.

Those who gaze upon the bizarrely perfect face of Ian Somerhalder will quickly recall him being in a number of other shows, including Lost and The Vampire Diaries. So Somerhalder is no stranger to the unreal and the undead, which makes him a perfect candidate to go toe to toe with yet more vampires. It seems that vampires and zombies still make for good entertainment, so we may all breath a sigh of relief and abate any fears that a new trend might be introduced at some point. We’re sticking with vampires and zombies.

What Is It About?

V-Wars is based on a novel of the same name. The basic premise of the story is that a mysterious virus is turning people into bloodsucking monsters. And, as the virus spreads, it becomes an all out war between the remaining humans and the bloodsuckers. Not what could be called an original idea, but assumption is that much will be done to keep the concepts fresh.

A summary of the plot involves a warmongering General who is eager to get the blood bath started, a reporter who insists that vampires are people and can be reasoned with, and a scientist racing against the clock to find a cure.

Who Does Ian Somerhalder Play?

Ian Somerhalder to star in Netflix series V-Wars
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Ian Somerhalder plays Luther Swann, a doctor. Luther’s best friend Michael Fayne falls victim to the mysterious virus, causing Luther much disdain and sadness. But Luther need not worry, since Michael fits in well with the vampires, and quickly rises to become their leader.

This all sets the stage for a show that will inevitably have the two face off in some sort of ultimate friend versus friend showdown. And although it hasn’t yet been specified, money can be put on the fact that Luther discovers the vampires are not so different from us.

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Other Somerhalder Roles

Somerhalder is most well-known for his role in The Vampire Diaries, playing the dark and mysterious Damon Salvatore. He made ladies swoon across the world with his unexpectedly decent acting abilities, and cemented his reputation as a handsome, but complicated character.

In Lost, Somerhalder played Boone Carlyle, another handsome yet mysterious character. This makes it seem likely that Luther in V-Wars will have a certain degree of handsomeness and mystery. Either way, Somerhalder will likely make the most of the role, and deliver handsome and mystery in spades.

When Will It Premier?

There is not yet a specific date for the first episode of V-Wars, but the show is set to get underway this year. Netflix has signed a contract for a 10 episode deal, so at least 10 episodes will be created, with the option for more at a later stage. This is probably based entirely around the popularity of the first 10 episodes.

Given the popularity of other Netflix original series, however, such as Stranger Things, there is a strong possibility that the show will see at least a second season. But this is all speculation, and fans will have to wait and see how the first episodes of V-Wars pan out.

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