ONLINE CASINO APPS that make phones more fun

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Leading Android Apps in Canada

Mobile gaming is on the rise, and smartphone users are spending more money on gaming apps than any other category. In 2020 alone, the market in Canada generated revenues of $337 million. Globally, the market size has more than doubled since 2015. Casino Apps are just a slice of this market, which also includes non-casino games that earn their revenue from in-app purchases.

The biggest Android app in Canada in 2020 was Among Us, a group game in which you build a spaceship and try to figure out which player is the evil fraudster. Among us brought in a whopping $500 million plus. Other favourites for mobile games in Canada include Monster Stroke, Clash of Clans and Pokmon Go.

One of the great things about playing on a smartphone is the huge selection of games available; there are more than 5 million apps, and a large part of them are games. Whether you want to solve a puzzle, catch Pokmon or bet on a poker hand, you can always find something to keep you happy. You can get the best casino games in one place when you play at JackpotCity, which could make it your favorite mobile app in no time!