Seven Lucky Tokens To Bring You Good Fortune


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Do you believe in lucky charms? Lots of people all around the world are keen to own a charm of some kind to bring them good fortune. After all, nearly everyone wants to be lucky, especially gamblers in Canada online casinos. So here’s a list of seven of the most popular tokens that tradition and folklore claim to be able to bring good luck into your life.

1. Four-leaf clover

Occurring as a rare mutation of the more common three-leaf clover, this variant is believed to bring the finder good luck. However, it is hard to say how this persistent folk belief first arose. History suggests the first records appeared around 1640, when the four-leaf clover was said to be good for certain maladies. Moving on to 1869, these rare clovers were fervently sought after by young girls in the belief such plants were a token which could grant them perfect happiness. Then the first real documented instance of the luck of a four-leaf clover, however, occurred in 1877 when a child wrote into a magazine mentioning that ‘fairies’ had told her that a clover with four leaves brought luck to anyone discovering such a rarity.

2. Horseshoe

Long considered a good-luck talisman in England and Europe, the first horseshoes were fashioned from iron – an element thought to keep evil spirits at bay. The fact that horseshoes were attached with seven nails (a lucky number) added an extra layer of good fortune. Christian legends surrounding St Dunstan, a former blacksmith who nailed a horseshoe to the Devil’s foot – only removing the painful shoe once he had extracted a promise that Satan would keep away from houses displaying a horseshoe above the threshold – provided further proof of the power of this symbol. There is no agreement about which way up the horseshoe must be nailed if you want to succeed in your online casino Canada gameplay.

3. Rabbit's foot

A belief in the ability of a rabbit's foot charm to bring the owner good luck is fairly widespread across at least four continents. Nevertheless, some cultures maintain that this attribute can only be claimed if the original rabbit, or the precise conditions of its lifestyle or eventual demise, is able to fulfil certain pre-qualifying requirements. Thus it is quite common to find casino gamblers and others who depend upon luck to regard the foot of a rabbit as a prized possession. Often sold as a commercial commodity such charms do not come with any guarantee they satisfy traditional cultural expectations.

Horse shoe

Source: Pixabay

4. Maneki-Neko

The Japanese maneki-neko folk tale describes a kindly shop owner who houses and feeds a hungry, stray cat. From that day on, the story recounts, the cat would sit outside the shop encouraging every customer to enter. The cat’s actions brought commercial prosperity to the humble entrepreneur – a fine reward for his thoughtful charity. Unsurprisingly, figurines showing the white-coloured, maneki-neko cat with an upright, beckoning paw are a common sight in many retail shops and casinos in Canada. In many instances, these small statuettes have a powered mechanism, giving the maneki-neko a slowly beckoning paw.

5. Bamboo tree

According to Asian cultures, any household displaying a lucky bamboo plant will be able to focus the five principal Feng Shui elements. As well as balancing the influence of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal, the lucky bamboo is also said to be able to attract peace, fortune, health, love and luck to the home. And as an additional bonus, this plant is relatively easy to care for. The location you choose for your plant will go a long way to determine its likely influence. Sited in the east of your house it will govern family virtues, while a plant situated in the south-east will have an influence upon your wealth, which might be especially helpful if you play online casino games in Canada.

6. Money tree

The pachira money tree is another plant which Feng Shui decrees will ensure good luck and bring you wealth. Pachiras are native plants of the tropical Americas, and their ability to bring good fortune is once again related in a popular folk tale. This concerns a poor Taiwanese farmer who prayed for prosperity and found a pachira. Recognising its value, he cultivated pachiras to earn a little money and soon became a rich man. When purchasing or cultivating a pachira, take a careful look at the leaves. The ‘lucky’ plants which will are said to help you the most, particularly during casino online games, are the pachiras whose leaves have five or more ‘fingers’.

7. Jade plant

Many businesses are keen to receive a jade plant as a gift because they are plants known to promote commercial success. However, they can also be located in a home where it is said they are equally likely to bring good luck and prosperity to the household. If you want to add to your luck quotient - or give yourself a boost when playing casino online games - let loved-ones know that a jade plant would be welcomed as a gift

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