May the 4th be with you…Always


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Star Wars has become such a cultural phenomenon that it’s just short of actually having a public holiday declared in its name. And why not? It’s already reached the point whereby many people think of the 4th of May as Star Wars day. As we speak, the 4th is observed by fans of Star Wars the world over and has even been embraced by Lucasfilm. But wouldn’t it be interesting to know how it all started? Unless you’re a fanboy, probably not, but you’re here now so you may as well hang around for a little bit, maybe take in a game or two of slots at our online casino while you’re at it?

How it all began

We have the iron lady to thank for the genesis, the fetus, the embryo of it all. The year was 1979 and the day on which Margaret Thatcher took office as Prime Minister of the UK – which was the 4th. At the time, the Conservative party took out an ad in the paper to congratulate her and it read “May the Fourth be with you.” The phrase would be repeated in 1994 during a debate in the UK parliament. I’d like to interject here and say that it’s somewhat fitting that this movement had its beginnings in the UK and I say this because the first Star Wars movie was shot primarily in the UK. Later, in his 1999 book titled The Science of Star Wars, astrophysicist Jeanne Cavelos used the phrase and way down the line in 2008 Facebook birthed the first few groups who celebrated Luke Skywalker Day. As the movement spread to tertiary institutions, Star Wars Day was born.

2011 saw the first fully organised celebration of Star Wars Day, which took place in Canada and had an outfit contest with celebrity judges, an original trilogy trivia game show, and tribute films. Subsequently, government officials and fans have celebrated this day and since 2013, the Walt Disney Company has given the holiday its blessing by holding events at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Star Wars Day 2015 was quite notable. On this day, astronauts in the International Space Station watched Star Wars.  So as you can see, it’s really grown in terms of being a day on which legitimate celebrations take place. Some might be inclined to overlook it, but there’s no disputing the cultural impact and influence that the creations of George Lucas have had and continue to have on the world.

What to do on May 4th

When it comes to celebrating this momentous day, there are a number of things you can do. In fact, there’s actually quite a bit. George Lucas created a vast galaxy far, far away and the franchise is so big that you’re spoiled for choice. Books, toys, board games, console games; every medium has been tapped into and exploited to give fans and anyone interested more than enough ways in which to enjoy Star Wars. Dress-up parties never fail. This gives you the opportunity to dress up as your favourite character, and thanks to the incredible diversity, you’re sure to find something. Easy choices would obviously be the most popular characters – Han, Leia, Luke, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Sub-Zero and Emperor Palpatine. Quite frankly I wouldn’t go for any of the popular ones. I’d prefer a more obscure or lesser known one like Jubba the Hutt or an Ewok.

Host a Game Show

This one seems to be the most popular of the lot and it makes sense. What better way to entertain your fanboy guests than through a quiz? Fans of Star Wars love this kind of thing. Dress-up or no dress-up, it’s a move in the right direction. Of course getting dressed for the occasion will only heighten the experience and once you segment the groups, throw in prizes or turn it into a drinking game, you’re sure to have a good time.

Star Wars Inspired Dishes

What better a way to go all out than to cook up a series of fantastic, delicious and completely decadent Star Wars inspired dishes?  The internet is awash with innovative ideas and if you can control your appetite, exercise discipline and not let it all go to hell, you won’t feel guilty the following morning. But let’s face it, who holds back during a time of celebrating? It’s not impossible to say no to the tasty treats, but things can get tough once you’ve indulged. I for one will have a hard time saying no and hoping my belt sticks to the same notch the following morning, but I digress. Star Wars inspires innovation; its world-building galaxy is one of delight and intrigue, and thus one can only expect food items of a similar nature. I saw Darth Malt Milkshakes, Tie Fighter pretzels, Star Wars Oreo cookie balls, Chewbacca cookies, Kylo Ren cupcakes and a storm trooper cocktail. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg!

At the end of the day, any day can be a Star Wars day, but it’s nice to know that there’s such comradery that comes with it. Star Wars brings people together over their love of a common galaxy far, far away, but never far from our thoughts.

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