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Groucho Marx once said, “In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquets and throw away the groom”. With that in mind, some of our current Hollywood couples are well overdue for a split. In this article, JackpotCity online casino digs deep into the wonderful, weird and toxic world of celebrity divorce. We’ll also introduce you to the different ways that you can bet on celebrity divorces.

Celebrity divorce statistics

If you plan on betting on a celebrity divorce, you need to know a little about average divorce rates. There’s an old adage saying that in the United States half of all marriages end in divorce, but how much truth is there in that saying? The most recent data from the American Community Survey in 2019 actually showed the lowest rates of divorce since 1970. The survey put the rate at 14.9 divorces for 1000 marriages, which is surprisingly low. Nevertheless, it all makes more sense when you realise that the data only covers 44 states and notably excludes the state of California where most of the stars live. The state of California doesn’t actually release official divorce statistics, but Californian divorce lawyers estimate the level to be at least 10% higher than the US national average. However, these figures skyrocket when it comes to celebrity marriage. Perhaps it’s the glare of the public spotlight, such busy schedules, or simply the fact there’s so much temptation around them, but celebrity marriages don’t stand much of a chance.

When it comes to celebrity divorce, the old adage is accurate. Research performed in 2016 by the Marriage Foundation in the United Kingdom studied 488 A-list couples who were married between 2001 and 2010. The study concluded that the divorce rate for A-list couples in the first fourteen years of marriage was 50%. That’s double the average UK divorce rate for the same period. So, if you decide to place a bet on a celebrity divorce, you already have a 50% chance of being right. To raise your chances of placing a successful bet, you can scan through gossip magazines and websites like TMZ for all the latest info. But make sure you shop around to find the best odds before you place any bets. So continue reading our online casino divorce betting guide!

Types of celebrity divorce betting

Celebrity divorce odds are mostly “yes” or “no” outcomes with a timeframe for the divorce to take place. The odds of a celebrity couple divorcing are usually provided in moneyline form. What does that mean? Moneyline betting is the simplest form of betting around. It just means picking the correct outcome. For example, a moneyline option will show a positive and negative number i.e. yes -150, no +125. In this example, the favourite outcome is the negative number, and the “underdog” bet is the positive number. In practical terms, it means that you can win 100 dollars for each 150 dollars successfully bet on “yes”; and you can earn 100 for 125 dollars successfully bet on “no”.

The more hype there is around a particular couple, the more likely you are to be able to make bets online and find more than one betting option. The celebrity couple that offers the most betting options at the moment is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (or Kimye). You can bet on the following happening in 2021: “Legal separation does not constitute divorce”, “Who TMZ announces as the first to start dating”, and “Who Kim Kardashian will date next after Kanye”. You might also find some sites taking bets on who Kim’s next husband will be.

Most likely to divorce in 2021 - Kimye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one celeb’ couple that seems doomed to failure. In fact, the bookies have basically called it already! This means you won’t earn much if you bet “yes” for them to divorce in 2021. It’s apparently a very safe bet. However, if you bet on “no” and somehow Kim and Kanye manage to limp through another entire year of marriage, you could have some great winnings. So, why are the bookies so sure that Kim and Kanye are done?

If you haven’t been following celebrity news, Kim and Kanye appear to have been living separate lives for several months. Unfortunately, lockdown living doesn’t seem to have improved their relationship. Kim is living in Los Angeles with the kids, and Kanye is living in Wyoming with “no plans” to return to LA. Tensions were already high between the couple during the summer of 2020. In July, Kanye announced his intention to run for US president and while on campaign revealed highly personal details about his private life with Kim – never the way to a lady’s heart, Kanye! Meanwhile, Kim has been outspoken about Kanye West’s struggle with bipolar disorder. Insiders have been reported as saying that Kanye West’s failed presidential run was “the final straw” for Kim. Yet so far, no divorce papers have been filed.

In 2021 the rumour mill is working overtime again. In January, the Today show quoted a source close to the family as saying that Kim and Kanye have been in counselling for months. Other news outlets revealed that Kim already hired Laura Wasser who is a famous celebrity divorce lawyer. How much is Kanye’s mental health to blame for this sad state of affairs? Kanye West was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016. It appears that his announcement to run for president may have occurred during a manic episode. His erratic behaviour during a four-hour interview with Forbes magazine last year seems to confirm this. Medpage.com compiled a list of the most unusual statements made by Kanye during the interview:

Unfortunately, (especially for Kim) Kanye is unable to acknowledge the strangeness of his behaviour. Any erratic changes he often puts down to sleep deprivation. He also admitted to David Letterman that he avoids taking his medication due to unwanted side effects. When asked about the chaos of his manic periods, he said: “When you're in this state, you're hyper-paranoid about everything.... Everything's a conspiracy. You feel the government is putting chips in your head. You feel you're being recorded. You feel all these things”. (Could this explain his earlier support of Donald Trump?)

Of course, any marriage is under pressure when someone is mentally ill. If Kanye could manage to treat his illness properly, maybe he would have a chance to reconcile things with Kim. Friends of the family say that the couple, although living apart, still appreciate each other and have no bad blood between them: the relationship remains cordial. Both Kim and Kanye are focusing on their work and looking after the kids at the moment.

West has been hosting weekly Sunday services since early 2019. In these services, Kanye is a singer/preacher before a gospel choir in which everyone is dressed in monochrome. In 2019, Kanye also released an album called Jesus is King. Around the same time, West announced that spiritual music will be his only theme from now on. Kanye’s new intense focus on religion, an obsession with domes and prior support of Donald Trump – then himself – raises multiple red flags.

The New York Times wrote an article about Kanye’s move to Wyoming that reads: “[…] in the past several years, Kanye has announced so many plans. That he wants to start a church. That he plans to run for president in 2024. That he will invent a method for autocorrecting emoticons. That he aims to redesign the standard American home. That he might legally change his name to ‘Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West’ for a year. It can be hard, with Kanye West, to separate concrete plans from jokes, fancies or outlandish aspirations”. Clearly, this must be what Kim Kardashian is referring to when she recently complained that she’s just had enough of his drama. But when it comes down to it, she still holds out hope… While at times Kim is convinced that divorce is her only option, at other times she still hopes she can save her marriage. TMZ reported that the couple continue to work on their issues. Unfortunately, the article also concludes that “there is no third party. As for the likelihood of divorce ... we're told don't bet against it”.

So it seems that a Kimye divorce is something you can count on. Our personal impression is that if there is a divorce this year it may be timed to fit with the last season of the Keeping up with the Kardashians. A celebrity divorce would give the series a dramatic climax and is likely to draw millions of viewers. Kim knows how to use her personal life to her advantage and could be purposefully timing her divorce to suit. Apparently, other people have been thinking the same thing. You can read a great article about this on mic.com by Kara Weisenstein from January 22nd. This is what she says about the timing:

“It may grind my gears, but tons of people are bound to tune in to dissect Kimye’s demise. And that fact appears to be the guiding force behind all the Kardashians’ personal and business decisions. So, why would they start hiding something with so much dramatic potential now? A divorce equals drama, which results in views, which convert to clout — which helps fund whatever schemes the Kardashians are dreaming up next”.

We couldn’t agree more…!

Odds on the Kimye divorce

Here are the current odds (until 8 February) for Kim and Kanye divorcing at the time this article was written. On mybookie.ag you can currently bet on “Legal separation does not constitute divorce” with odds of Yes -190 and No +145; “Who will TMZ announce is the first to start dating” with Kim -150 and Kanye +110; or “Who will Kim Kardashian date next after Kanye” with Van Jones being the hot favourite with +150, followed by John Mayer with +300 and Meek Mill at +400. Least likely contenders are Kris Humphries and Ray J both at +5000.

Donald Trump and Melania divorce

The Trumps are another couple reported to be on very shaky ground indeed. The recent photograph of Melania “snubbing” Donald during a photo opportunity in Florida quickly sparked rumours a divorce was imminent. However, this is one divorce that will probably never happen. Melania is unlikely to leave Donald according to insiders. But why not? Since the couple arrived at the White House people have questioned their very strange marriage. Do you remember the way Donald snubbed Melania at his inauguration? Even back then, people were wondering how she could put up with him. But then, how could she have married him in the first place?! The Stormy Daniels sex scandal was quickly hushed-up and can’t have encouraged unity. And how can anyone forget the famous swatting away of Donald’s hand at the airport in Tel Aviv, which you can enjoy again here.

Things only get weirder when you discover that Donald has employed a Melania clone to escort him when his wife is unavailable. Then there’s the fact that the couple sleep in separate beds, sometimes separate residences… officially, for sleep hygiene and the needs of their child. Why hasn’t Melania divorced Donald already? Perhaps the age difference is at play here and rather than an ugly divorce, she’s hoping to just patiently wait it out? The 24-year age gap could work in her favour and she seems to be looking after herself better than Donald. I can see a long, happy retired life for her – alone – with Donald’s millions… just need to be patient.

After Melania snubbed her husband at the airport in Florida the press imagined her “counting down the minutes” until she could divorce her husband. On the contrary, people who know the couple better insist that Melania will stay with her man. After all, they’ve already been married for sixteen years! Former aide and friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff (also from Slovenia), doesn’t expect the couple to divorce either. The marriage is one she describes as “transactional”, which makes a lot of sense. Being married to Donald Trump promises to be very lucrative to Melania in the future. There are already talks of two different book deals on the horizon. The New York Post’s Page Six mentions a memoir book is in the making worth some serious money and there is another coffee table book also planned about Melania’s White House style.

However, there is one piece of information that would seem to support the “yes” they will divorce crowd. The Washington Post reported that before Melania agreed to join Donald at the White House in 2017, she insisted on renegotiating her prenuptial agreement. This clever move on behalf of Melania strongly supports future divorce proceedings.

What are the betting odds on this whacky marriage ending in the divorce court? Unfortunately, at the time this article was written we couldn’t find any current odds on a Trump divorce but keep checking back to your favourite betting and online casino NZ sites for updates because these things change all the time. There are bound to be some odds on this divorce back online very soon!

What about royal divorces?

Of course, the next most talked about couple when it comes to a potential divorce is Prince Harry and Meghan. Although these two are a prominent feature of gossip headlines, you’re not likely to see their divorce odds on betting sites any time soon. This is probably because the Royal family tightly controls its image online and in the media. The Royal family cares about its image in a way that Kim and Kanye do not. For Hollywood celebrities, any publicity is good publicity and can potentially be monetised. On the contrary, the royals are much more conservative in this respect.

If you’re interested in placing a celebrity divorce bet in New Zealand, you can do so on many reliable international betting websites. We recommend choosing a reputable online casino.

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