Our Days: Where The Past And Present Collide

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Source: Microgaming 

Meet Joy, Nana, Lolita, Amber and Juliet. Chances are you’re a lot like them: these girls are struggling with the pressures of growing up, the challenges of being teenagers and the awkwardness of first love. Sound familiar? Our Days is an online slots experience that takes the universal experience of falling in love for the very first time and gives it a contemporary polish. The artwork takes its inspiration from Japanese anime, a popular genre that has served as a point of departure for many of the world’s most popular gaming franchises, while the addictive soundtrack and contemporary features bring further sheen to a classic concept.

A five-reel slot machine with three rows and 243 ways to win, Our Days is relatable and engaging, inviting us into the lives of five girls who could be our friends, our sisters, our classmates or ourselves. Experience the pangs of awkwardness, the timid exchanges and furtive glances and the exuberant elation of first love as if you were living it again for the first time. Microgaming is planning to release the game on the 19th of June 2019, so prepare yourself to step back in time and let the nostalgia of youth wash over you!

Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing

Love can be a risk, but sometimes it’s important to go out on a limb. Other times, however, it’s comforting to have a safety net and that’s where the game’s Free Spins feature comes in. What could be better than racking up extra winnings without having to risk your previously hard-earned winnings? With a little luck, you could have a consequence-free path to the jackpot and an incredible opportunity to find your feet and pluck up your courage.

Free Spins are activated when a given number of scatter symbols have been accrued on the reel. If the player manages to nab three scatter symbols, the reward will be eight free spins of the wheel and eight free chances to walk away with the top prize. Your chances increase if you manage to get four scatter symbols on a reel, as you’ll receive ten free spins in return for your trouble. The optimal situation, though, is activated by racking up five scatters on the reel. This triggers twelve free spins, which means a dozen chances at winning the heart of your love, and the top-notch prize fund!

There’s Plenty More Fish in the Sea

With first love comes first heartbreak, but Our Days doesn’t dwell on that. With time and maturity, we come to look back fondly at even the toughest of times and that’s true here too.

It can be frustrating to come close to your heart’s desire and not quite get there, thanks to one odd symbol that leaves you short. Our Days gives you the chance to go back to the past and change things, thanks to the enticing Re-Spin function. Activate this and your winning symbols will be retained, but you’ll have the chance to spin the remaining reels again. That means you’ll have a chance to find your missing symbol, complete your winning reel and claim the prize money. The result? The sting is taken out of rejection and you have a chance to find another hand that’s worth the wait!

The Look of Love

Nostalgia means looking back at the past through rose-coloured glasses, seeing things as better than they really were. In truth, we’re all a little guilty of this sometimes, but hindsight can be a powerful experience.

Our Days infuses the timeless tale of first love with an eye-catching anime style; this lends our coming-of-age tale with a stylish touch that is at once contemporary and classic, stylised and grounded. Each of the game’s symbols remind the player of the past, from the five girls who star in our story to the little mementos that serve as souvenirs of times gone by. You’ll stumble across love letters, crochet scarves that can be gifted to your crush, diaries that serve as escapes and confidantes and bento boxes full of sushi that can be shared in the school canteen. Finally, a jar of multi-coloured sweets brings a further splash of vibrant volume to the game, which is already overflowing with fun and engaging colours.

Each of the symbols is valued differently, so maximising your pay-out means planning a cautious yet daring strategy. The rewards are certainly worth the effort though; hit the big time and you’ll walk away with a top jackpot of 90,000 coins. Turns out memories aren’t the only things in the past that are worth treasuring.

Rediscovering Your Youth

If you’re up for a walk down memory lane, simply log in or create an account and feel the past come flooding back. From first kisses to last dances, there’s plenty to love about this endlessly enjoyable slice of nostalgia.

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