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Will Miami Glow Light Up Gamers' Lives?

When it comes to high-quality . Few games, however, can match Miami Glow for a 1980s vibe that will remind players of a certain vintage of those pioneering video games like PacMan, Donkey Kong or Paperboy. However, the blocky graphics and awful sound effects from that era are nowhere to be seen. After all, no...Continue reading

Will Robots Be the Future of Casinos?

Given that robots are used in multiple industrial applications these days, many people are asking the question of how and where they will be deployed to provide more personal services, too. What if robots could make your bed, do your grocery shopping and even create you a cordon-bleu meal? Given the dexterity...Continue reading

How Casinos Handle Live Dealer Errors

It does not happen often but when mistakes occur during a game of chance, they understandably cause confusion. At any , there should be an established set of guidelines that both live dealers and players can follow when an error occurs. This helps to give players the confidence to know that they will be dealt with...Continue reading

Betting Guide For the Word of the Year 2020

There are plenty of fun activities to take part in if you like the occasional flutter. Many people enjoy where there is anything from slot machines to traditional casino games, like roulette, on offer. In normal times, betting on sporting events is also a favourite way to enjoy a bit of a gamble. However, some...Continue reading

New Online Casino Slots: Fortress Charge

Are you ready for your next adventure? If you want to chase riches in a mythical setting, then look no further than the new game Fortress Charge, coming to the at Jackpot City starting on 11 June, 2020. Read on to find out how the game works and what you have to look forward to in this great new slot! Join The...Continue reading