The Rise and Fall of Hollywood Stars

People are certainly interesting things. One minute we can be obsessed with the latest techie trend or device, and a few short months later, our attention will have shifted to the next best thing. The same can be said about music genres (thankfully, dubstep seems to be a thing of the past for now), clothing fads and even foods. Interestingly, the same easy-come, easy-go mindset even applies to celebrities. Remember Macaulay Culkin? He was undoubtedly one of the biggest child stars of the 90s, thanks to movies like My Girl and Home Alone. But, where is he now? Avoiding the spotlight, it would appear. In this blog, we take a look at some of the biggest (former) stars of Hollywood and where they’ve ended up.

Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson will probably best be remembered for her roles in blockbuster movies like Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire. While we would have expected this talented young star to grow in leaps and bounds, she seemingly hasn’t been in front of the camera for years. Instead, she now finds herself working for a non-profit organisation called Publicolor, which is dedicated to promoting the positive effects of colour in schools. She has also written a book called Where am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame.

Frankie Muniz

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s probably because you’ve come to know him instead as Malcolm, from the hit 90s sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle. Despite having appeared in numerous films and other TV shows, Muniz never seemed able to break away from his titular character role. As such, continued success in Hollywood was never really on his cards and Muniz found himself honing in on another passion: racing. He competed in the 2012 Atlantic Championship, and while an accident caused him to suffer severe memory loss, he still races today.

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Freddie Prinze Jr.

At one stage, Freddie seemed to rule the Hollywood roost, and with a massive female following, this 90s heartthrob is still well known today, and still has a few acting stints here and there. Of course, you won’t find him acting in any teen movies anymore, and Freddie instead spends time in the kitchen, cooking. You read that right! In fact, 2016 even saw him publishing his own cookbook, in which you can find more than 70 of his own home recipes. Eat your hearts out, girls!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Another Hollywood heartthrob, Gellar is still best known for her role as Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Given how popular vampire movies and series became at the turn of the century, it only stands to reason that someone best known for slaying the undead, as opposed to falling in love with them (read: Twilight) would eventually fall by the wayside. Much like Freddie Prinze Jr. – her husband, would you know – Gellar found a passion for cooking, and 2017 saw her co-authoring a cookbook called Stirring Up Fun with Food.

Jim Carrey

It’s no secret that former funny-man, Jim Carrey, struggled with depression for the longest time, which is ironic considering his hilarious roles in movies like The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. While he hasn’t given up on acting entirely, he does spend the majority of his free time painting. He even has his own exhibit at a gallery in Las Vegas. Whether it’s because of the fame behind his name, or because the paintings are that good, they apparently sell like hotcakes!

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