Are Robot Bartenders the Future?

Is the future of bartending robotics?

In today’s technologically driven world, people are consistently being replaced in the working environment with robots or robotics. With many manufacturers like car plants or other production lines having changed to automated and robotic assistance to increase product output and decrease human error or human frailties. There is something of a fear that robots may well replace humans in many sectors, and this is increasingly looking to be the case.

Currently, there are more and more types of drinks related robots becoming popular across the globe, and some bars or clubs have replaced human bartenders with robotic counterparts. A large amount of these robots are just prototypes with simple artificial intelligence, and are in the testing phase, but some are just for fun, and little more than automated drink dispensers.

The immediate appeal of a barman that is a robot may not be evident at first, but aside from it being a gimmick, a robot can function exceptionally well behind a bar. It is efficient, can dispense drinks to exact proportions and does not become engaged in chatter with patrons, focusing instead on the job at hand and getting well measured, properly mixed drinks out, fast.

Robots of All Variations

From the Wine Bot that can taste wine and recommend food pairings, to Bar2-D2 who can mix and serve drinks, the current trend looks like we are heading towards robotic bartending domination. Essentially, robots could provide the ideal bar or restaurant workforce as they can take down orders efficiently, can work long hours, don’t get sick and are able to function under high stress conditions without any negative effects. They do however lack the human factor, and this is something that many people will bemoan, as being served in a pub or bar often comes with a little bit of banter that makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

A recent addition to the robotic server world is the Tipsy Robot, a bar in Las Vegas that opened in 2017 and has replaced bartenders with robotic arms. They claim to be the first land based bar using robots, with guests selecting a cocktail choice and the robots serving them up with speed and efficiency. These robot arms not only dance while in-between mixing cocktails, they are programmed to whip up a drink in the shortest period of time possible.

The Tipsy Robots are programmed to make hundreds of cocktails, with precise measurements and without delay. They can also take orders that are not on the menu, so patrons can place an order and have a custom cocktail created just for them, much like they would in any other bar. Only this time a robot has created it, using algorithms and codes that have been pre-programmed into their AI. A robotic experience is one thing, but with AI the potential to humanise the robotic experience is huge, and the fact that these robots can deviate from script is important, as it shows just how flexible and versatile they can be.

The Future of Robotics

So what is next for robots? What else will be replaced? And how else will our lives get easier? One sector in which robotics could well be employed is in the casino industry. At an online casino, a robot could be used with great success in live dealer games, and playing online Roulette could be a whole new experience. Online Roulette games featuring a robot would change the face of gaming, but it would also add a whole new dimension, as a robot would be programmed not to make mistakes, and never to go offline. In land-based casinos, robots could also replace croupiers, and just as they are being used in airports, they could be used in any location to provide visitors with information, directions or other need-to know advice.

The future is probably going to have more robots in than we can imagine, with manual labour intensive jobs more than likely replaced by machines.  It will be just like the industrial revolution of the 1800’s, but with advancement in AI these machines may be more intelligent and better workers than humans.

From self-driving cars to robotic surgeons and bartenders, the way forward seems to not need the frailties of human for jobs that require steady hands.


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