See the World on $70 a Day

See the World on $70 a Day
Source: Money Crashers

If you asked the average would-be adventurer why they hadn’t taken that long dreamed of trip, one of the most common answers would be the costs involved. Travelling is an expensive business, they would tell you, so much so that, at the end of the day, it just isn’t an option right now. So, defeated, they settle instead for watching travel documentaries and enjoying the life of an armchair traveler rather than a real one!

But what if we told you that not only is travelling cheaper than often assumed, but it is possible for as little as $70 a day? Madness, you would declare. So much fantasy that surely we must have smoked something illegal? Think again, we retort. Not only is it possible, but we’re also going to give you 5 tips that make this fantasy reality, forcing you to abandon the couch and pack your bags!

Slow Down And Engage The Environment

Fast and breathless is, as it turns out, the wrong way to go about travelling. The very point of travelling is to slow down and enjoy the experience. This approach is not only better at allowing you to appreciate the countries and locations you’re visiting, it also provides the right mind-set to curb your costs dramatically.

In other words, don’t be a typical tourist. Engage with the locals, ask where the best prices can be found and avoid throwing money at transport when walking is a reasonable option. One of the biggest travel costs is that tourists tend to jump right at the so-called tourist traps, normally out of a need to tackle travel plans at a break neck pace. Stop thinking like a tourist, take it easy, and watch costs plummet.

Budgeting Apps Are Essential

When travelling, one of the first things that many fail to take into account is the actual, true value of the exchange rate. It’s almost a running joke with some, as if their ignorance of the value of their currency is something to be taken lightly. Again, don’t be a typical tourist, download a budgeting app, and work out costs with a focus on paying the same as locals.

Remember, budgeting doesn’t have to be a pain. By simply updating the app on a daily basis, and thinking about what you’re doing with your cash, you costs will come down dramatically.

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Flight Costs Can Be Reduced

By far the biggest cost of any trip will be flights. But smart planning, using software like Google Flights, and not being afraid of a stop over can curb those costs probably more than you’re assuming. Being selective and smart can reduce flight costs by as much as 75%.

The biggest key is, of course, to once again take your time, and not be put off by having to not have a direct flight. Stopovers can be plenty of fun, if you embrace them as opposed to being annoyed by them. Plus in some cases, like in Dubai, you can even book a whistle stop tour and see the highlights of the country!

Be Careful With Accommodation

Alternative accommodation options are another massive budget saving solution. Going on a trip does not mean hitting up the most overpriced hotels in the world. No, you will not lose face if you stay in a place that doesn’t have a 5-star rating. In fact, you may just find that budget accommodation options are far better than you’re assuming, and in many cases a fantastic experience, far more enjoyable than once again simply being milked as a typical tourist.

Go Local

Finally, the last tip is one that you’ve probably guessed by now. But we’ll just repeat it, and hammer the point home. Don’t be a tourist. Eat local, shop local, and travel local. Offering yourself up as a tourist is the guaranteed way to be paying up to 5 times more than you should be. Go off the beaten track, engage with the locals, and ask about cost effective options. Most locals will be more than happy to help you out. This is, without a doubt, not only the best way to experience another country, but also the cheapest.

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