Spiderman’s Top Tracks

Spiderman’s Top Tracks
Source: Comics Beat

He’s arguably the world’s most popular superhero, and it’s not hard to see why. Peter Parker was little more than a mild-mannered teenager, struggling with the trials and tribulations of high school when a genetically enhanced spider bite changed all of that. Granted superhuman (or rather, super-spider) abilities, Spiderman is able to launch webs and swing from one place to another, as well as cling to ceilings and walls with ease. But, what tunes might he be bumping up the volume on when he isn’t out saving the world? Below are just 5 of his most played musical treats.

Dancing on the Ceiling – Lionel Richie

It doesn’t matter when (or where) you were born, Lionel Richie’s beloved track is sure to get your feet tapping – every time! When Peter Parker listens to it, however, it has something of a more literal meaning. Given his outstanding ability to climb walls and scale the sides of buildings, it only makes sense that he would literally be able to dance on the ceiling – which he certainly does!

Cartoon Heroes – Aqua

It can’t be easy having your face plastered in every comic book around the world, not to mention TV show and video game. Still, Spiderman knows full well that he isn’t the only one, along with a host of his other superhero friends. When Aqua released their hit single, Cartoon Heroes, it was the song he had been waiting for: finally something he could really relate to. At the end of a long, crime-fighting day, this is the upbeat track to wind down to.

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Tarantula – Faithless

Despite having been granted amazing powers from that famous spider bite, Peter Parker can’t help but feel that his secret is a dark one. Faithless’s sinister ‘Tarantula’ speaks to that shadowy aspect of Spiderman, and is his go-to track when the burden of constantly saving the world becomes a little bit too much. As much as he should be able to sleep peacefully at night, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, in the lonely hours, Spiderman lies awake, soaking in the lyrics of this bass-laden tune.

Poison – Alice Cooper

It can’t be easy, loving a girl who – for her own safety – can never know your true identity. As much as he loves Mary Jane, there is a sadness to his affection, and a poison, if you will - much like the poison that runs in his veins, if you will. Alice Cooper’s powerful song about a love that hurts is the perfect angst-track for Spidey, and is likely to be his go-to in times of frustration.

Overprotected – Britney Spears

Much like the case with Mary Jane, Peter Parker has to keep his identity safe from his family, who still see him as a vulnerable young man in need of constant protection. This can be mightily frustrating for anyone, superhero or not. Every now and then, Spiderman is likely to belt out this tune as a way of expressing his frustration at his double-lived plight!

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