Take a Look at Hot Ink Slots

People call it a lot of different things. From getting inked to getting a tat to getting some work done, tattooing was a taboo with an ancient history until it was adopted in popular culture in last thirty or so years. But where did it all begin? How did an art practiced since the Neolithic times integrate into society in such a way that it has ended up at conventions, on television shows and even slot machines?

Well the oldest tattoo ever discovered was on the mummified remains of Otzi the Iceman and dated back between thirty three hundred and thirty one hundred years ago. But this was not an isolated case. Additional tattooed mummies have been found at no less than forty-nine additional archaeological sites around the world. In Egypt, the majority of the tattoos found on these mummies were on the bodies of women. Tattoos as this time indicated status but they were also used as a form of punishment, a form of healing and for religious purposes.

The first modern references to the word tattoo come from the journal of Joseph Banks who was a naturalist traveling on the HMS Endeavour in the late seventeen hundreds. He said, when observing tattooed people for the first time on his voyage, that he shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humour or disposition.

Fast-forward to modern day and tattoos are used for everything from modern medicine to cosmetics to fashion. While throwbacks to some of the traditional tattoo styles are still common, new forms of art and techniques are also making a lot of headway. Hot Ink by Microgaming is a bit of throwback to some classic styles of tattooing, and anyone who appreciates a bit of ink, or even a bit of art, will appreciate what this slot brings to the table.

Tattoos and Big Wins

Hot Ink is Microgaming’s five reel, 1024 ways to win online slot game. Taken inspiration from the current tattoo trend as well as classical tattooing elements, this slot is a fun, artistic and colourful entry in their line-up of online casino games.

The first thing you’ll notice when loading up Hot Ink is the art style. The background is a mix of a multitude of designs from playing cards and angels to seemingly random doodles and street tagging art. What it does manage to accomplish is the diverse styles that makeup the current tattooing scene across the world. Gone are the days when roses and the word “mom” are the norm. We not live in space where nothing is off limits. If you can dream it up, you can get someone to tattoo it on.

1024 ways to Win comes with a few betting options for the player. These are located at the bottom of the reel and adjustable via the red and blue heart shaped buttons.

Symbols and Bonuses

Symbols in this slot include classic slot elements incorporated with classic tattoo flash. Some examples are three cherries that are made of eight balls and a bright red heart with multi-coloured wings.

Bonuses include the tattoo bonus mini game, a free spins bonus feature and a respin feature. The mini game and free spins feature are activated by landing three of the tattoo bonus symbols or scatter symbols anywhere one the reel. The respin feature will cost you extra and prices are based on the likelihood of the next spin being a win.

So are you ready to take the plunge? Then it’s time to sit down with Hot Ink!

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