A Review Of The Pros And Cons Of Airpods

Apple AirPods
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The Apple Airpods at least make wireless music listening a feasible proposition, but their performance and feature set are inclined to divide opinion. As with hi-fi wireless headphones, going wire-free does tend to mean you have to accept compromises. However, whether such matters are deal-breaking issues is often a matter of personal preference, and if you’re used to mobile gambling in online casinos, you may want to invest in a pair of cool headphones to enhance the experience.

Here’s a look at the various features you might want to consider when assessing what these have to offer which might potentially make them your must-have mobile accessory.

Airpod Pros:

  1. Actually offering useable wireless functionality must be considered a plus for these Apple earbuds. In many ways, wireless remains very much an emerging technology, and Apple seem to be aware there are many reasons why people buy wireless earphones. One example of their user-focused approach is the built-in “find my Airpods” feature.
  2. These Airpods are easy to pair with Apple devices, and usually achieve this automatically. Pairing with Android and other non-Apple equipment is a more convoluted procedure but usually achieves the desired result. Bluetooth connectivity is mostly reliable and trouble free, but once again it’s non-Apple users who are far more likely to experience occasional glitches and a slightly more limited operating range.
  3. Apple’s style instinct remains very strong, and these cool, minimalist buds are considered by many to be one of the top trends in designer ear wear. So if one of your non-negotiable requirements is to secure a desirable fashion accessory, then Apple should be near the top of your list.
  4. As is often the case, Apple’s designers seem to be early adopters of smart features which enhance user experience. Thus, whenever you remove an earbud, the equipment will pause the music track. Then, when you put it back in your ear, the music will resume from that same point in the track. Many users will regard such convenience as a strong reason to make a purchase.
  5. Appealing design and good build quality is again to the fore when it comes to the accompanying charging case. Though lightweight, this case still feels sturdy enough to do the job, and the use of magnets for opening and closing adds considerably to its security and ease of use. In addition, a LED indicator on the inside confirms the pairing status of the pods.
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Airpod Cons:

  1. These earbuds cost more than 150 USD, and yet their sound quality, though far from unacceptable, is certainly not in the “audiophile” category. Whilst it may be true that audio quality could be considered something of a generic issue for the majority of wireless devices, it is no consolation to would-be owners that much cheaper alternative options may not sound very different.
  2. Apple quote the Airpod battery as being ‘up to five hours’ (which some reviewers struggled to replicate). Though this may be adequate for many purposes, it is difficult to feel ecstatic about this performance given that some pairs of wireless budget Bluetooth headphones (e.g. the Moo 302) can last for up to 45 hours. Each Airpod is also powered by a separate battery, which means users could be faced with time-lag issues if one battery runs out some time before the other.
  3. It has also been reported that these batteries are prone to deteriorate over time. So that could result in that five-hour continuous performance perhaps slipping to just three hours only a year after you make your purchase.
  4. Apple have adopted a ‘one size fits all’ design concept, which is fine if your Airpods turn out to be a good fit. But if that’s not the case, there’s no practical work around. For would-be purchasers, of course, that means it’s very important to ensure you will be comfortable wearing these buds before you hand over any money.
  5. In addition to the problem of ‘fit’, wearers also find sound leakage is a problem. Because these earbuds don’t make a good acoustic seal, unless you are happy to listen at quite low volumes, others in your environment will also hear noise when your music is playing.
  6. Like some other Apple personal devices, these wireless Airpods are equipped with a built-in microphone and require some communication with Siri (Apple Inc’s virtual assistant). This ‘always on’ configuration has led some reviewers to speculate that this function might perhaps allow Apple to eavesdrop on your communications, or at least gather information about your consumer preferences.
  7. Wireless earpieces are small and relatively unobtrusive. But that can also make them much easier to lose than those with a cable attached. The ‘find my Airpods’ feature is, of course, designed to overcome this, but unfortunately won’t work when your Airpods are actually out of range.
  8. The only way of changing the volume on your earbuds is by talking to Siri. While this does of course contribute to Apple’s minimalist, ‘hands-free’ design concept, there may be public moments where this becomes almost impossible and/or quite awkward and embarrassing to accomplish discreetly
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