Top 10 Movie Bloopers

Making movies is a really challenging task, sometimes to the point of absurdity. After all, imagine shooting a scene with a thousand extras, all of who need to be in costume, while likewise being on a tight time schedule and budget. And it is about to start raining. Or snowing. And there are animals involved that are misbehaving.

The point being, it’s a crazy business, and every now and again a mistake creeps in, and even after hours of editing and postproduction, this little error makes it in to the final cut. Some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters have had some amazing bloopers that eagle-eyed audiences have spotted in the cinema and these are some of the very best..

1. Independence Day

This ultra-high budget special effects extravaganza was the start of the disaster film trend that lasted throughout the 90s. In one scene the character David (Jeff Goldblum) is ranting about his concerns with the planet’s environment, and knocks over a trashcan. If looking closely, a label reading Art Dept can be seen on the trashcan. No prizes for guessing which department on the set the prop belonged to. A pretty glaring oversight, it must be said.

2.The Goonies

An adventure romp many recall fondly, and a Spielberg picture that stands up well after all these years. Though, not without its little quirks. At the end of the film one of the kids is asked by a reporter what the scariest part of their adventure was, and he talks about their battle with a giant octopus.

Really, a giant octopus? Maybe Data was smoking a bit of the good stuff, since no such event ever occurred in the film. The scene was cut from the final version of the film, and only added back in much later.

3. Commando

It might be a bit of a lost cause trying to keep track of all the errors in the 1985 film Commando, since there are literally dozens. It’s still a great film though, with some of the more memorable Arnie one liners. In one notable scene, a damaged Porsche seems to repair itself, depending on which angle it’s being seen from.

4. Gladiator

An excellent film in many regards, not in the least due to how much time and effort went into making the setting accurate to the era. Though with this many props to keep track of, mistakes are bound to occur. After a chariot is flipped in one impressive battle spectacle, the gas tank responsible for the special effect is clearly visible.

5. Braveheart

The same can be said for Braveheart; so many extremely complicated battle scenes, so much potential for goofs. A white van can be seen in one shot, which certainly wasn’t period accurate. Still a fantastic film though.

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6. Pulp Fiction

Just because you love Pulp Fiction, it doesn’t mean you can’t help but notice that the famous scene where Jules and Vincent escape a hail of bullets has a pretty big error. The bullet holes can be seen on the wall behind them, before the shots occur. Whoops.

7. North by Northwest

If you haven’t seen the classic 1959 Hitchcock classic, you should. It’s surprisingly brilliant for being so dated. In one scene, during which gunshots startle guests in the Mount Rushmore cafeteria, a young extra claps his hands over his ears in preparation for gunshots he is not supposed to know are going to happen.

8. Jurassic Park

Back in 1993 it was not so common to work with cutting edge computers, which explains why the live video chat Dennis is supposedly having is clearly just a clip playing in Media Player. The progress bar at the bottom of the video being a dead giveaway.

9. Django Unchained

Another Tarantino film, Django unchained sure is violent, but still certainly great. It can hardly be called an error, given how deliberate it is, but Django wears a pair of sunglasses in the film which were not in existence until long after the film was supposed to have taken place. But then, as we said, this is Tarantino, and he knew what he was doing.

10. Terminator 3

Lastly we have Terminator 3, another film loaded with mistakes. One of the most unforgivable is the number on the side of the Cessna aeroplane, which blatantly changes between scenes. Rather a big continuity error, but hardly the biggest thing wrong with this movie in terms of bloopers.

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