The Top 10 Rooftop Bars

The Silo – Cape Town
The Silo, Cape Town  Source: Twitter

Some would say that a drink is a drink, and you can have one anywhere really, as long as there is a chair to sit on and container of some sort to sip from. But then these naysayers have probably never enjoyed a drink in the glorious setting that is a rooftop bar. Want to know more? Keep reading. We’ve rounded up the best places to enjoy your drink while up high.

1. QT – Melbourne

Some rooftops on this list are only lucky enough to have one form. However, the well-loved rooftop at QT Hotel in Melbourne is proud to change its skin according to the time of day. When the sun is up you can get some yoga done, looking down at the streets below. When the sun is going down, it’s a delightful restaurant. And when it’s dark out, it’s a cocktail lounge with a superb view of the night sky and city lights.

2. HGU – New York

The HGU New York Hotel takes its rooftop seriously, and won’t be standing for any childish behaviour. It offers yoga by day, and likewise a chameleon, transforms by night. What it offers at night though is classic black and white films accompanied by a dizzying array of decadent drinks.

3. The Silo – Cape Town

Most rooftops generally offer views of other rooftops. If you want a view of Table Mountain, however, you’ll have to head over to The Silo in Cape Town, South Africa. Its draw card is a stunning 360 view, with the sparkling ocean at one end, and a cloud topped mountain on the other. Beat that, New York.

4. Aria Hotel – Budapest

Aria Hotel may not have Table Mountain to look at, but does have some rather stunning architecture that seems plucked straight from the pages of a fantasy novel. A truly wonderful rooftop experience with an extremely relaxed ambience. Kick back, grab your drink and enjoy playing at the best online casino on your mobile, all while you soak up the atmosphere.

5. Charmaine’s – San Francisco

We’re getting into seriously fancy territory now with Charmaine’s, which goes the whole nine yards in making you feel like you’re living in a movie about wealthy socialites, including ambient controlled fires, a breath taking view of the city, and atmosphere galore.

Mr Stork, Andaz – Singapore
Mr Stork, Andaz, Singapore  Source: hotels and photos

6. The Winery Hotel – Sweden

The Winery Hotel rooftop terrace adds a swimming pool to its resume, plus a view that rivals that of The Silo in Cape Town. It’s pleasant, comfortable, and is more than happy to serve you beverages made at its own estate.

7. Mama Shelter Belgrade – Paris

If you thought Charmaine’s in San Francisco was fancy, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This 5,000 square foot rooftop paradise has everything and anything you could ask for. Including a gourmet restaurant, impossibly beautiful views of the city, table tennis and live music.

8. The Setai – Tel Aviv

An absolute gem of a location, The Setai is a resort experience like no other. The rooftop terrace overlooks the coast on one side, and the bustling city on the other. When the sun goes down the view is just as good!

9. Mr Stork, Andaz – Singapore

The other rooftop bars on this list may offer a lot, but what they don’t offer is a veritable lush garden that also happens to provide a birds eye view of Singapore. The Andaz’s Mr Stork is a marvel in many regards, not in the least because it will make you feel like you’re literally flying above the rest of the city.

10. Dream Hotel – Hollywood

Last but not least, the Dream Hotel in Hollywood. If you expected Hollywood to take it one-step further, you’d have been right. A breath taking view of Los Angeles, a swimming pool, cocktail lounge, as well as a trendy breakfast and lunch venue. Thanks for the luxury, Hollywood; we knew you could outdo the rest!

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