Top 10 Weirdest University Courses

Weird university courses
Source: Pixabay

Deciding what to study can be a difficult choice. After all, university courses aren’t cheap, and they are time consuming too. But maybe instead of going for the obvious choices, one of these bizarre, real courses might be more what you’re looking for. Though, after reading about them, you might as well stay home and play at an online casino instead- at least you’ll get great value for your time and money!

How To Win A Beauty Pageant

Winning a beauty pageant is not easy. Unless, on the other hand, you take a course that offers deep insights based on gender dynamics, class and race, to provide the best possible winning chances. A field trip to an actual, real pageant is included. Time well spent, if your aspirations are limited to having a crown on your head and perfecting your smile.

Time Wasting Online

This course, literally, allows participants to surf the Internet to their heart’s content. It’s a deep social experiment, according to UPenn, where its offered, although we suspect it might just be a way to get people to pay for an education while they surf the net randomly instead.

Learn Elvish

If you watched Lord of the Rings and wished you could speak Elvish, now you can. The University of Wisconsin offers the language, and teaches it as seriously as any other. Great life skill. This, truly, is perhaps one of the most useless courses a person could spend money on.

Climbing Trees

The world really is changing when Cornell University offers a course dedicated to climbing trees. It’s not a joke. Professional gear is even provided, just so that no one dares ask if the course is for real. This course is really part of a climbing course; they just didn’t have mountains nearby.


Sort of in the same realm as the tree climbing class, this one at the University of San Francisco teaches walking. You know, in case you forgot after learning how to aged 2, or something like that. Seriously though, apparently it’s done in the wilderness, and is more of a relaxation class.

Ice Cream

Perhaps one that holds more inherent value, this course at Penn State teaches everything needed to be an ice cream expert. Those guys that serve ice cream have to learn about it somewhere of course, and this is apparently where they got their start in life. Yes, tasting ice cream is part of the course.

Being A Tight Wad

Perhaps packaged as a joke, this course from Alfred University teaches students how to pinch pennies. This one should be compulsory really, and perhaps just part of a standard welcome package.

Introduction To Wine

The part of this course that’s unusual is that being partially drunk for most of it is compulsory. Offered at Stellenbosch University, you learn all about wine via the process of drinking it. No refunds if you pass out before the final exam.

Making Chairs

The Massachusetts University Of Technology is all set to teach you how to make a chair, and perhaps a few other furniture items along the way. Nothing too odd about this really, and probably would go really well with the penny-pinching course.

Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

This is the one you were probably looking for, and we’re proud to let you know that it actually does exist. The course at Michigan University tells you everything you need to know about not getting eaten by zombies, when the inevitable happens. Though, upon closer inspection the course is really about studying what happens to societies and groups of survivors in catastrophic situations. So probably a great deal more educational than it might seem on the surface.

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