The World's Biggest Football Tournament in Full Swing

World Cup 2018 Trophy

As another World Cup gets into it’s stride, the world has once again come together in mutual anticipation, comradeship, and friendly competition. Local pubs are crowded as each football game unfolds, and drinks are raised in celebration as goals are scored, and winners are determined. But, of course, everyone has their own favourites, and their own predictions. Who will be the ultimate champions? Which teams will put in spectacular performances, and which will choke at the last minute, and fall to nerves and overwhelming pressure?

Of course, whichever team wins, the world will still be united, and sports enthusiasts everywhere will have a good time. Nothing can unite strangers like a World Cup event, after all, especially when virtually everyone has a local team that they can get behind. Russia, as the host nation have the home advantage, and enough support to last a lifetime. But certainly no one expects them to walk away victorious. So who will take home the WC 2018 trophy?

Making predictions is half the fun of the World Cup, and with the tournament underway the predictions are coming in thick and fast. Here is a quick look at some of the favourites to win in 2018, as well as some of the odds on favourite teams. And, if you’re waiting for a match to start and want to get into the spirit of things, don’t forget that you can play some amazing football themed slots at a casino online to get you in the mood.

Germany – Defending Champions

When one talks about football and the best teams the world has to offer, Germany is certainly on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Germany has been playing an outstanding game of late, demonstrating outstanding skill in every aspect of the sport. From incredible defence to exceptional offence, there is virtually no department in which the German team are not champions.

Germany – Defending Champions
Source: Sport 360

As the winners of the previous World Cup, many are already declaring Germany as the favourites to defend the championship, and retain the title. If one takes the word of football expert David Sumpter’s ‘Soccerbot’, an advanced piece of software designed to analyse teams and their performance, and make predictions, the current odds placed on Germany as winners are 7-2. The favourable odds say just about everything one needs to know concerning the current state of the German team, and the world’s confidence in them going the extra mile a second time.

Runners Up Favourites To Win

Germany is not the only team with good odds, as far as the Soccerbot is concerned. Brazil follows at a close second, with 4-1 odds. Brazil is, of course, another team that is a common topic of discussion in pub conversations, not only because Brazil has consistently performed well at World Cups, but because the team manages to look good while playing exceptionally well.

Other teams given the nod of approval by Soccerbot are Spain, Argentina and France, all with 6-1 odds. Some may say that Soccerbot is making the predictions that almost everyone with a sound mind would, but when one takes into account that it does this sort of thing for a living, you pay a little more attention to it, than the guy in the pub who claims he knows what he’s talking about.

Keeping Tabs On A Beautiful Game

Sportsbooks are currently on fire as the World Cup plays out and reaches its inevitable conclusion. Whichever team wins, the rest of the tournament is sure to be a roller coaster of fun and excitement, with plenty more memorable moments, stunning goals, and incredible performances. We’ve already seen some incredible on-field action, and we can’t wait for the finals to play out in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on the 15th of July!

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