Online Keno: A Popular Choice

Ask any hard-core online Blackjack or online roulette player what their pastime of choice is for in-between relaxation, and you’re bound to get a standard answer: Keno!

Besides for the fact that Keno is arguably one of the simplest casino games to learn to play, it also has that unique Lotto-like magic about it. Players often play Keno regardless of whether they are hoping to strike it lucky or not. Simply put, playing this online casino game is a great way to take a load off and just relax.

Despite the relaxing and almost informal nature of Keno today, the game wasn’t always a matter of sit-back-and-relax. Legend has it that Keno has its origins as the result of a much more exciting scenario: funding a war.

How It All Got Started

Legend dictates that China’s second imperial dynasty, the Han Dynasty, was involved in a protracted and expensive war that had drained the country’s reserve funds completely. As a result, high taxes were instituted, but even this did not seem to make a difference to the country’s ill fortune.

And thus entered the story of Keno into the pages of history. Keno was apparently invented to become a State-owned Lottery expected to serve the means of raising much-needed funds to finish the war. Furthermore, if legend is to be believed, this casino game was also put to use in order to raise money for the construction of China’s Great Wall.

Some historical writings do suggest that the Chinese State Lottery had not been invented until the early 1800’s, however, there are records that indicate otherwise. The weight of the information seems to suggest that people just loved to choose a string of lucky numbers and hope for the big win, long before then.

Whatever the nature of its origins, online Keno is the name of the game today and a first choice for many players, especially players from Canada. And at JackpotCity we bring you the best entertainment an online casino can offer!

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Quick And Easy Rules

At JackpotCity online casino, learning the ropes of playing Keno cannot be any easier.

Keno consists of a board that includes a grid of 80 numeric options. Players start out by picking between a single and 15 numbers – the more numbers that are played during any one game, the lower the payout in the event of winning. The fewer numbers selected, the higher the risk and the higher the reward.

Despite it being a game of luck, players, especially those given to a bit of a superstitious nature, have come up with many strategies and beliefs that they subscribe to in the hopes of winning it big with online Keno.

Canadian players will often play the numbers contained in a specific date such as a birthday or even a wedding anniversary. Others may use their age or the age of a significant other, hoping for that very lucky draw. Being the ultimate fans of Ice Hockey, players from Canada will sometimes even use the results of a game that had a particularly favourable outcome, as their lucky numbers of choice in a game of online Keno.

Playing Online Keno with Us

Online Keno is played by making use of a digital Keno board, instead of the Keno cards that are made of paper that are used at land-based casinos. The rules of everyone’s classic casino game have remained the same when the shift took place from land-based to online.

At JackpotCity online casino, playing online Keno is still all about relaxing and having a good time. What’s more, it’s quick and easy to sign up and get started. Claim your casino bonus and see if your lucky numbers pay out!


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