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JackpotCity tries to deliver the mobile casino Canada can be excited about! Blackjack has been around for a very long time; for more than three centuries, to be exact, and has been a firm favourite among many of history’s greatest players. The aim of the classic casino game is to beat the dealer in the game of 21.

Previously, if anyone wanted to enjoy a game of online blackjack Canada can be thrilled about, it was a matter of doing it with physical playing cards in hand. This was the prevailing situation for many years. Then, when online gambling became a possibility at the turn of the last century, it was the popular new way to go. Nowadays, it’s not even necessary to be restricted to a fixed location when enjoying your favourite card game.


Best Mobile Blackjack

At JackpotCity online mobile casino, the great game of 21 can be accessed wherever you are, from your smartphone or tablet, because mobile Blackjack is the latest craze. 

Regardless of whether you log into the action at JackpotCity from your desktop or laptop internet browser or via one of our online casino’s modern apps that have been tailor-designed especially for iOS and Android, you will find mobile Blackjack at its best right here at JackpotCity.

Single bet games, multiple bet games, additional bets and bonus features, all of the action-packed Mobile Blackjack options are available at your fingertips.

It’s instant thrills galore for all casino Canada players when you sign up with us and work your way towards a hand of 21.

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Winning Strategies

The reason why many players will tell you that Blackjack or mobile Blackjack is such an all-time favourite is because the game isn’t entirely based on luck alone. Players are able to develop certain skills and strategies, thereby exerting a measure of control over the outcome of any given game of cards. Many winning Blackjack strategies has been developed by players who were determined to master the great 21 over the years, and those strategies can be put to good use right here at JackpotCity.

How does a formulated strategy apply to a game such as mobile Blackjack, you may ask? When understanding that there are only a limited number of cards in a single deck of cards, and a specified number of decks of cards used in each online casino game, making for a determinable set of combinations, one begins to understand why a winning strategy can in fact be applied to mobile Blackjack.

As mentioned previously, players have developed many Blackjack strategies over the years. There are simple strategies that new players might find easy to apply, as well as strategies that are more complex for seasoned players. Whatever the name of your game, mobile Blackjack is loads of fun when played on the go at JackpotCity. 

Two Options to Win

Generally, you will find that there are two types of mobile Blackjack: European and American. It’s important to understand the different between the two types, as this will determine the strategy that will best suit your particular game.

European Mobile Blackjack

When playing the European variation, you will notice that two cards will be dealt to you, both of which will be dealt face-up. The dealer will also receive two initial cards, but the dealer’s second card will only be dealt once you have decided what your next move will be after having received the initial two cards.

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American Mobile Blackjack

American mobile Blackjack, on the other hand, differs from European mobile Blackjack in that, depending on what the value is of the dealer’s revealed card, he may check what the second concealed card is in order to find out whether he is in possession of a natural Blackjack before the player makes any further decisions regarding the player’s cards.

Take Insurance

It is commonplace for many mobile Blackjack games to offer to the player the chance to take out an insurance against the dealer’s Blackjack combination, enabling the player to safeguard a portion of his overall winnings even in the event that the dealer does draw a Blackjack combination of cards.

However you choose to play your online casino games, you can do it all on the go when you sign up at JackpotCity - Canada’s favourite place to play!

But that's not all! JackpotCity casino also offers customers redeal-blackjack.

We have everything and more when it comes to JackpotCity casino!

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