Mobile Roulette At JackpotCity Online Casino

The Roulette wheel may be classified as the international icon logo of the casino industry. As is the case with many popular brands across the world, it’s an almost universal symbol for gambling and games of chance. At JackpotCity online casino, we have honoured this classic game that has outlasted the limitations of time by bringing a online mobile casino version of the great game to our players everywhere.

JackpotCity’s mobile casino games have been designed to be 100% compatible with all operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. Mobile online Roulette takes gaming on the move, and its available right here. The game has always been a firm favourite among Canadian players and as such, it enjoys priority at JackpotCity.

Access On the Go Game Play

Priority on players being able to easily access top-notch versions of Roulette is the name of the game at JackpotCity. It’s all about enjoying and sharing the love of the game with others who enjoy playing as much as we do, and as such the platform from which our mobile casino games are accessed has been designed to be user-friendly and 100% mobile-compatible.

Players will find that there is absolutely no difference in the quality of gameplay when accessing our mobile games than what there is when playing online.

Players can either stream the action from their mobile browsers or download the apps for iOS or Windows. At JackpotCity, we follow an inclusive way of doing things, and making it as easy as possible for all our players to access our games is high on our priority list.

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An Easy Game To Learn

Being an all-time classic casino and online casino game, mobile Roulette may intimidate some players, especially those who have never played at a land-based or online casino, before.

At JackpotCity, we have done everything in our power to make getting started on new experiences as easy-going and enjoyable as possible. Friendly presentation and ease of access are the golden keys to keeping Canadians coming back for more, time after time.

Mobile Options Galore

There are 3 versions of Roulette, namely the French, the European version and the American version. Players find all versions to be equally enjoyable, and at JackpotCity, they are all available.

The objective in every type when playing is to predict where a ball, dropped onto a spinning wheel, will end up when the wheel comes to a stop. The earliest form of the game was the French version, and when it later proceeded to spread to the rest of Europe, the European version was born. For both of these versions the wheel has panels that are alternately coloured in red and black and numbered from 1 to 36, as well as a green segment numbered 0.

JackpotCity offers mobile, online roulette and even live roulette online for real time action. All available for your convenience!

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Spin to Win On the Move

The European and French wheel consists of 36 numbered pockets, as well as a single additional pocket numbered 0. The European version is by far the most popular one, as the single zero makes for a better advantage to the player. The house edge is set at 2.70% and is the same as the French version, which makes it far more favourable than the American version’s 5.26% due to the extra green 00 pocket!

If you’re just getting started we suggest you opt for the European style of play, but when you are looking for online casino games that offer more of a challenge, you can switch to the American style. Both are just a exhilarating and provide plenty of opportunity for you to place your bets and win big!

Give this great game a go on the go and find out why so many players in Canada love spinning the online Roulette wheel on the move at JackpotCity!

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