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The Best Mobile Video Poker in Canada

Video Poker wasn’t always the grand display of technological progress and prowess that it is today. The very first Video Poker machines were fixed machines very much like slots, and were to be found only in the casino halls of Las Vegas. Back then; we marvelled at what these machines were able to do. That was before the age of online casino games and later, mobile casino games.

Mobile Video Poker is Poker meets slots games. The pace is fast, the action smooth and the excitement intense! Best of all, you don’t have to be an online Poker master to enjoy hours worth of entertainment. Even as a newbie, you may very well find yourself winning loads of cash.

It’s as easy as placing a bet, receiving your cards and working the hand in order to achieve the best possible combination. What’s more, all of this and more is now available on your mobile device.

Its quick, it’s convenient and best of all, it can be accessed on the go, wherever you are.

Styles Of Play

When playing mobile Video Poker, there are two main styles of playing.

With the first kind you get a single chance to raise and fold once your cards have been dealt to you by the casino game. The second kind allows you to be afforded additional opportunities of drawing new and more cards.

This second kind of mobile Video Poker opens up a new world of opportunities, because you no longer have to just stick with what you initially received. After all, why settle for second best when you could be gunning for the ultimate, a Royal Flush?

That having been said, the first style is simple, and yet it’s rewarding in an uncluttered way. It’s as easy as placing your chosen bet and hitting the Deal or Play button on our mobile device. Your cards will appear on-screen just as what they would have had if you were playing Video Poker on a traditional machine.

If your hand matches a hand that appears on the paytable of the particular game of mobile Video Poker that you are playing, you may raise and play your hand for a win. If not, you will fold, and will have to start over again with a new game. New game = new chance at winning it big!

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Lucky Draw

The second category of mobile Video Poker is more action-packed and you can use skill, much like you’d use in online blackjack strategy. The initial couple of steps are the same: place your chosen bet and hit the Deal or Play button. However this time round, there is the option of discarding the cards that you don’t wish to keep. If you’d like to take your chances on replacing some of your cards, simply tap the cards that you want to hold onto, and hit the Draw button to replace unwanted cards with new cards.

A new hand of cards will be dealt before you can say mobile Video Poker! A new hand and a brand new opportunity to win.

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Poker Is For Everyone

Poker is a popular online casino card game and its enjoyed by many players all over the world. There are few occurrences as rewarding, personally and financially, as drawing that perfect hand of cards. Previously anyone who wanted to play Poker or learn to play Poker had to do so in the company of others, which was often daunting business for new players.

Video Poker, both online and on mobile changed all of that. It is now a casino game that is accessible by all, and in Canada it is best enjoyed at JackpotCity! Once you have tried our Video Poker, don't forget to switch things up a bit with mobile roulette or blackjack.

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