Vinnie Jones Roulette Casino Game

Professional footballer Vinnie Jones is known for many things, from his fast and feisty skills on a soccer field, to the tough-guy persona that he embodies in many of his acting roles – he’s certainly done it all. Now, the world of casino games has received the Vinnie Jones makeover, with the latest release available to play here at JackpotCity: Vinnie Jones Roulette. Starring as a VIP dealer, RNG technology creates a realistic playing experience when launching this game including on mobile roulette. And while Vinnie has been known for his tough-guy image, here he switches things up – bringing some humour to the table to add to a great playing atmosphere.

Getting Started

Has Vinnie Jones earned the title of best casino game? Or is Must Win Jackpots? That’ll be for you to decide, but there’s no denying that it certainly has all the makings of one. To commence your gaming experience, simply launch from a PC or mobile device. If you’d like to alter your stake, click on the bet size button, and adjust it accordingly. Bear in mind that if you’re looking to make the most of your playing time, a lower stake is always a good choice.

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Roulette Rules

The rules of Vinnie Jones Roulette are the same as traditional roulette. As a game that has many different versions that are played across the world, it makes sense that some standard features are present irrespective of the type of roulette game that you are playing. In roulette games, players are basically required to predict which number and colour a ball will land on. A black and red wheel is then spun and if players bet correctly, they will win a corresponding prize. Players may bet on single numbers or numbers that are located next to each other, and even rows of numbers. There is also the option to play colours, odds or even numbers. Payouts differ depending on the bet placed.

Features And More

While Vinnie Jones Roulette is very different to a classic casino slot game, there is still so much for players to look forward to. The unique Racetrack Bets feature results in a Racetrack Board being added in addition to a standard bet board. This enables what is known as French bets: Voisins du Zero, Orphelins and Tiers du Cyclindre. Another feature to look forward to is Special Bets, where 39 pre-set bet configurations are present, allowing players to create their own custom bets as well as save favourites.

The Autoplay function is also present, activated via the betting interface. When it is turned on, Autoplay allows players to commence initiating automatic re-bets, up to 100 game rounds. These features are quite easy to understand, making this casino game a great choice for online play.

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Designed By An Expert

At JackpotCity, we take pride in providing our players with only the best when it comes to our casino games. And for a casino game collection to be highly rated, it only makes sense that the software designers behind these titles are skilled. Real Dealer Studios is the software provider behind Vinnie Jones Roulette, and while it has only been in the market since 2019, it has already become an expert in creating table games that pack an entertainment punch. Making use of the latest technology and offering user-friendly graphics, games created by this software provider have become highly sought after amongst players across the world.

Play It Safe

We make it our mandate to ensure that players not only have access to some of the best casino games, but also that Responsible Gaming tools are easily within their reach. This is because we believe that for a well-rounded online gaming encounter, one needs to ensure that fun and safety is balanced. Our selection of gaming tools therefore consists of deposit limits, loss limits, account closures, cooling off/ take a break options, transaction and gaming history, and more. Information on these tools can be found on our Responsible Gaming page, or you can contact our friendly team of customer service experts to find the right tool for you and your personal preferences.

Now At JackpotCity

When it comes to fun and games, we deliver in more ways than one. The addition of Vinnie Jones Roulette adds a unique flair to our casino roulette game selection. And if you’re looking to add some diversity to your play, there is also a range of onle slots to look forward to. With so much to look forward to and a casino games catalogue that is regularly updated and can be played on your mobile device at JackpotCity, your entertainment experience only gets better every time you log in to play.

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