Craps at JackpotCity: A Quintessential Casino Game

For a lot of people, throwing the Craps dice on a table is the first image that their mind conjures when they hear the word “casino”, or see the words live casino nz. Now, thanks to JackpotCity, you can play this classic entertainment in the comfort of your own home, as well as a host of other games like Live Lightning Roulette and Live Casino Hold Em. With our mobile platform, you can enjoy our full library of casino games from anywhere in New Zealand.

Nothing but the Best Craps Games

Like many of our casino games, this one is developed and supplied by Microgaming. You can trust them to deliver everything you could want from a casino online and more, including perfect graphics and functionality in games that are optimally compatible with every device and operating system. At JackpotCity we strongly believe that when it comes to online gambling New Zealand players deserve only the cream of the crop, and that’s Microgaming without a doubt.

A Little Background to the Game of Craps

The games play out similarly in our online casino to the way they do on land, with our exceptional animations and certified Random Number Generator simulating the action very effectively. The name is derived from the word “crabs”, London slang used to describe the numbers 2 and 3 that had been imported to Louisiana where Craps originated. The “b” sounds like a “p” in Louisiana dialect, giving rise to the name.

The game was brought to America by Phillipe de Marigny de Mandeville, who based it on a Western European amusement called Hazard. He simplified the rules and introduced it to field hands and other labourers. Soon the pastime progressed down the Mississippi, in part because it required conveniently little equipment.

This portability also made the dice game popular with American World War II soldiers, which is what eventually led to its arrival in Las Vegas. The rest, as they say, is history! Fast action and betting strategy combine in a heady mix. You don’t have to think as much as you do in Blackjack, but it feels more cerebral than pokies. For a lot of gamblers, it hits a certain sweet spot perfectly.

The Basics in a Game of Craps

The reason “Crabs” was considered a good name here is that 2 and 3 are the only numbers which cause an instant loss in this game. The original game is central to play and was known as Pass, from the French word for “step”.

Over time, many companion games that can be played alongside have developed. To stop people using rigged dice, Philadelphia dice manufacturer Jahn H. Winn restricted the game to create the Pass/Don’t Pass Bets for the Pass bets and renamed that phase the Come Out Stage.

The simplest games involve these and the Come/Don’t Come Bets that also pay out even money are part of the second Point Phase. Several other wagers can be placed in the Point Phase, with different odds and payouts. You’ll love exploring them at our online casino once you’ve gotten to grips with the even-money bets.

The Pass/ Don’t Pass Wagers

These are placed before what is known as the Come Out dice roll, and involves you betting that the Shooter (dice roller) will win (a Pass Bet) or lose (a Don’t Pass Bet). If the Shooter throws a 7 or 11 they win, and they lose if the dice show a 2, 3 or 12.

Pass Bets are paid if the Shooter wins, Don’t Pass Bets are settled if they lose. The exception is rolling a 12; a Don’t Pass Bet in this case will push rather than lose. Any other dice display established that specific number as the Point, and the game moves on to the Point Phase.

The Come/Don’t Come Bets

These are similar to the Come Out Stage wagers, but involve the established Point that all players use and an individual Point that you set yourself. If either Point comes up the Shooter wins, and in all other cases they lose.

Come and Don’t Come stakes are bets with and against the Shooter respectively. Get familiar with these and then start experimenting with other possibilities and odds such as Propositions and hardways. There’s so much to explore, and JackpotCity is here to help you do it!

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