Play Online Blackjack on Your Mobile Device

For years, playing online Blackjack has been enjoyed by gamblers all around New Zealand. We’re proud to say many of the best variations of these online casino games are at JackpotCity’s online platform. But with this day and age being as busy as it is, many things, like online blackjack, have had to develop mobile formats to keep up. Online pokies, games of Twenty-One and other casino pursuits are no exceptions.

The Best Mobile Blackjack is at JackpotCity

When it comes to online gambling New Zealand players have always been able to trust JackpotCity to deliver the goods, and that is just as true of our mobile Twenty-One titles too. As always, Microgaming is our main software supplier meaning you can expect high-calibre entertainment in every way.

Playing on a mobile device is not the same as playing Blackjack online, because of the different screen sizes and processing powers of the units. Microgaming took this into account, and every game is specially designed or adapted for handset capabilities. You’ll have a flawlessly functional casino, complete with superb card games and a live dealer nz, in the palm of your hand.

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Mobile Games with as Much Flexibility as at Our Online Casino

Not only do you have a range of Blackjack and mobile roulette titles to choose from when you play on the go, you can also access them in different ways just as you can with our casino online. They are equally compatible with iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, Android devices and all other handsets.

You can also play the casino games on a downloaded and installed application, or in whichever browser you prefer. There is no change in the excellent quality, although you will have more choice available to you if you go the app route. However, if you need to save space on your device with browser-based play, that is easily accommodated with us!

The Same Rules as Online Blackjack

When you play these games on mobile devices, you’ll be following the exact same format as you do when you play online. That means the objective is still to get a hand total of 21 or as close to that as possible (hence the alternative nickname of Twenty-One) without going any higher. You also need to beat the dealer’s hand. Card values are as they are at our casino online, meaning face cards count as 10; number cards as their pip value and aces as 11 or 1 according to what is better for the hand.

You’ll place your bet as usual, and will then get 2 cards as will the dealer. Based on your knowledge of the game’s odds, you’ll need to consider your hand and the 1 face-up card of the dealer’s hand that is visible to you, and decide what to do.

The options are also the same, and Hitting, Splitting and Doubling Down are the most common. Beat the dealer’s hand and get paid out 1:1, and if you get a Natural Blackjack (an ace and face card) get a whopping 3:2 return!

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More Time to Practice and Perfect Your Skills

Being able to play these online casino entertainments anywhere and anytime that suits you means you get to develop your insights and strategy that much more quickly. The graphics and touchscreen technology bring the games to life and immerse you in the action, and you also get to have more fun, and give yourself more opportunities to win big rewards.

Everything our online Blackjack games have to offer is waiting to entertain you on your mobile device. Try them out by downloading our app or playing in your browser; you’ll wonder how your life worked before you were playing this way!

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