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We have a selection of rooms that offer different types of games, as well as a special feature that gives you the option of enjoying the action in a whole new way for chances to win bonus money. Powered by Microgaming, the action is of the highest quality, the results are fair, and it is all compatible with computers and mobile devices, so you really can play at your leisure. Enjoy first-class gaming with us.

Different Types of Bingo

The different types of online Bingo games you can play at JackpotCity Bingo are the latest incarnations of games that developed at different times and in different places. Those that use 90 balls are the older form of the game; a form that enjoyed the greatest popularity in the UK.

The 75-ball edition developed in the USA more recently. However, it was based on the 90-ball version of the game that, according to some historians, originated with Il Gioco del Lotto D’Italia, an Italian lottery game that was first played in 1530. There is no competition between them, of course, as both have something special to offer.

The cards used in 90-ball Bingo games feature a grid of 3 rows and 9 columns, and in each row, 5 squares contain a number from between 1 and 90. Each game offers 3 different prizes, namely line 1, line 2, and full house. The latter is the biggest of the 3 prizes.

75-ball game cards feature a grid of 5 rows and 5 columns. However, the central square will always be pre-marked, and so is known as a free space. The games are played much faster than those using more balls, and they only have 1 prize to be won.

Various Online Bingo Rooms

There are 3 different online rooms in which to play Bingo games at JackpotCity. Each one has a unique theme and ambiance, created partly by the room’s chat hosts and other players.

One of our most popular rooms is Grapevine, which offers the 90-ball version. The slightly more complex gameplay, as well as having a few chances to win per game, makes the room a favourite among our regular players. If you want to experience Bingo at its most intense, this is where you can do it.

The Easy Wins room also offers 90-ball games that offer you easy chances to win. Yes, the room and the games it offers do exactly what it says on the label. Easy Wins is a perfect choice if you need a break from the more intense Grapevine, or if you are new to playing the older form of the game.

Ice Breaker is the room in which you can play 75-ball Bingo games with us. As indicated by the name, it is a great starting point for players who have never experienced the joys of dabbing. You can also start getting to know other players in this fantastic place.

More Fun With Chat Games

There is even more fun to be had with us at JackpotCity Bingo. The chat feature does more than let you interact with chat hosts and your roomies – it also gives you the option of indulging in more games.

You can be part of games played within the chat room. Rather than being purely social, they offer you chances to win bonus money that you can use for buy-ins. This means you can dab more cards for more chances to win real money in the Grapevine, Easy Wins, and Ice Breaker rooms.

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