Feel the Rush of 75-Ball Bingo Games

Are you looking for fast and easy action online? Enjoy it at its very best when you play 75-ball Bingo games at JackpotCity Bingo!

Simpler than the 90-ball version, the one played with 75 balls offer a single prize per game, so the heat is on. Find out if Lady Luck is on your side. If you can be the first player to complete the unique game pattern, the prize is yours.

Introducing the Game

The 75-ball and other Bingo games you can play with us have come a long way since 16th century Italy, where the lottery that inspired them was played first. After spreading to Britain by way of France, the game was taken across the Atlantic to the USA.

Initially not well known, the game started attracting much more attention after Hugh J. Ward standardized it, and ran it at carnivals in western Pennsylvania in the 1920s and 30s. At the time, it was known as Beano, because players marked their cards with beans. The colourful pens known as daubers had not yet been invented. During the 1930s and 40s, the game’s popularity was taken to a new level by toy and game manufacturer Edwin Lowe, who changed its name to the more familiar Bingo. It has kept players entertained ever since. More than that, however, it has also proved to be a very rewarding game, especially when it offers progressive jackpots or PJPs. Enjoy what it has to offer when you play it on computer or mobile with us.

How to Play

When you buy in to the 75-ball Bingo games offered in the Ice Breaker room at JackpotCity Bingo, you will receive a card with a 5x5 grid on it. The square at the centre is a free space, while the remaining 24 squares contain numbers from the range between 1 and 75.

Once the game starts, a certified Random Number Generator produces the numbers, so you know they are fair. What’s more, they are called with all the pizzazz you would expect from a professional caller, thanks to Microgaming’s award-winning software.

Easy Gaming With Auto Dab

One of the biggest differences between playing 75-ball Bingo games with us, and playing it in a land-based venue is that, at other venues, you have to do all the work. You cannot afford to let your concentration flag for a moment in case you miss dabbing a number with a dauber.

When you play Bingo at JackpotCity, you do not need to pay any attention to the game, if you do not want to, and you can still enjoy chances to win. You are not required to dab a single thing, thanks to auto dab software that does it all automatically. You can, however, choose the colour and style of your auto dab. If your card is the first to feature a completed game pattern, you win the prize.

Get Social With Bingo

Whether you choose 75-ball Bingo games or those played with 90 balls, playing them with us gives you the chance to be social. We offer chat rooms in which players can get to know one another, celebrate wins, and commiserate with those who may have better luck next time.

Each chat room is overseen by a chat host, who not only will keep the entertainment going, but can also help with various queries and concerns that you or other roomies may have.

Be Part of the Action

Enjoy the ultimate gaming on computer, smartphone, or tablet at JackpotCity. Our collection of casino games includes hundreds of titles across the most famous genres.

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