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The Online Slot That Can’t Be Beat

In the fun and competitive world of online slots, NetEnt is a name that has earned a stellar reputation among gamers. Their casino slots have become especially well known for stunning visuals, mind-blowing themes and special features that mesh intuitively with the story line to offer endless potential ways to win. It’s a formula for the kind of immersive and compelling game-play that leads to replay after replay.

Something that NetEnt particularly excels at is linking casino games with other beloved forms of entertainment. With more than 200 titles spanning the full spectrum from Hollywood movies and blockbuster rock bands to classic video games, science fiction and more, this feisty Scandinavian outfit has never lacked for inspiration!

Now NetEnt has done it again with a revolutionary new concept that unites casino slots with the most famous video game of them all in Street Fighter™ II The World Warrior Slot and its Touch Slot mobile counterpart. Avalanche™ reels, Beat the Boss Free Spins, a Car Smash Bonus Game and a different Wild Combo for each of the 8 characters the player gets to choose from are just the beginning of this epic gaming adventure!

Return Of A Legend – Street Fighter™ II

Widely held to be the best fighting game of all time, the original Street Fighter™ arcade and video game set a standard for compelling, intuitive game-play that has yet to be surpassed. It seems the game has some big fans at NetEnt, too, to judge by the sheer amount of love that has gone into recreating this classic for online slot players to enjoy. Absolute fidelity to the original – that’s the only way to describe how the graphics, sounds and special features of this online slot transcend its 5-reel, 5-row format.

Just like its legendary namesake, Street Fighter™ II unfolds in a series of battles for the title of World Warrior Champion. At the start of the game, the Player Select screen invites the player to select one of the original 8 characters. Blanka, Ryu, Ken, E. Honda, Chun Li, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim – they are all legends in their own right with their own devoted fandoms!

The unpicked players come back as the player’s random individual opponents in the main game. Blow by blow, kick-by-kick and punch by punch, the battle rages until player or opponent’s health is reduced from 75 points to zero. Unlike the original, victory or defeat is a question of how the symbols fall on the reels. Potential wins are generated by NetEnt’s trademark Cluster Pays™ mechanic, where 4 or more symbols form a pattern. The reels themselves are of the Avalanche™ variety – symbols in a winning cluster vanish to make space for the symbols above to avalanche down and form new clusters – and a potential avalanche of wins!

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Unique High-Value Symbols and Wild Combos

Now in addition to the low-value symbols (J, Q, K, A), each player has their own two unique high-value Victory and Defeat symbols. These can manifest individually or in the form of 2x2 Colossal symbols. If, for example, Ken is fighting Blanka and Ken lands a winning cluster that includes his special symbols, then Blanka takes a hit and his health goes down! The fight continues until one or the other is victorious.

For an extra layer of intrigue, each character also has their own Wild Combo. High-value symbols increase the number of points in a character’s Wild Gauge. When it contains 7 or more points, their Wild Combo activates and gives a different reward for every character. Ryu’s Wild Combo, for instance, gives him 3 Wilds placed randomly in a row, while Zangief gets 2 stacks of 2 Wilds positioned randomly in horizontal stacks.

The combination of unique high-value symbols and individual Wild Combos means that each character has a different variance – a fascinating detail that opens up endless potential winning possibilities.  

Beat The Bosses, Potentially Win Free Spins!

As compelling as the main game may be, it’s the main attraction that gives the player the chance to level up their potential wins. It’s not enough to beat the other street fighters – if you want to be World Warrior Champion, you’ve got to fight your way through the four different levels of Beat the Boss Free Spins. Each level has a different opponent and, better still, a different multiplier. Balrog, Vega, Sagat – these tough customers are waiting on levels 1, 2 and 3 to hand out both beatings and rewards with 2x, 3x, and 5x multipliers respectively. Finally, on level 4, it’s time for a showdown with the sinister M. Bison, who comes with a 10x multiplier. Beating him earns 100x the bet!

If M. Bison floors your character, never fear – the Insert Coin gamble feature allows you to restart the level by converting some Free Spins wins.

If your character does crash out, the Car Smash Bonus Game may offer consolation. Here you get to control the character, the aim being to move around and smash a car up for a random 5x to 15x reward.

Overall, NetEnt has given Street Fighter™ II an RTP of 96.06%, although it’s slightly different for each character. The total hit rate is 23.97% and the maximum theoretical potential pay-out is 1 million coins.

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A Fun, Fair, Secure Casino Slot

Street Fighter™ II went live in July at Jackpot City Casino, home of the world’s most consistently entertaining casino games. All that’s required to try out this historic new online slot experience is to sign up for a member account. Then it’s a matter of navigating to our home page, finding the slots in the gaming lobby and selecting Street Fighter™ II The World Warrior Slot or, for mobile players, Street Fighter™ II The World Warrior Slot Touch.

Games are browser-based – no installation required. What’s more, play is certified to be safe and transparent. Not only is JackpotCity Casino accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority, but NetEnt is too. This means the player’s personal and financial information is always secure and the outcomes of games are fair thanks to the use of Fortuna.

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