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Play Live Blackjack Online with Jackpot City Casino – Now available in PA and NJ

Blackjack is one of the most captivating card games of all time. The premise of the game is simple -- try to have your hand reach 21 without going over. However, blackjack requires a tremendous amount of strategy. If your card total is 15, should you hit? What if the dealer is showing an ace? What if the dealer is showing a two? 

Think you have the answer? Put your skills to the test and jump into live blackjack today with the Jackpot City Casino. Play live blackjack against real players and live dealers today and hit-or-stick your way to victory in this classic card game. 

Play online games for real money today to put your blackjack skills to the test. Ready to play live blackjack online for money? The Jackpot City Casino is for you. 


Why Choose to Play Live Dealer Blackjack with Jackpot City Casino App?

What makes online live blackjack with the Jackpot City Casino app the best live blackjack online? Experience innovative features, professional dealers, high-quality streams, and an interactive chat all while playing at world-class virtual blackjack tables. Enjoy flexible gameplay, personalized settings, and multi-table options to spruce up your live blackjack gameplay even further …  if you choose. 

Jackpot City’s online blackjack with live dealers offers a genuine casino atmosphere with the convenience of online play, making it the best casino app out there. Dive into online blackjack live-dealer games now. 

How to Play Live Blackjack at Home

Play live blackjack at home with the Jackpot City Casino, the best live blackjack online. Live blackjack features real dealers and real tables live-streaming into your own home. Online casino live tables bring the thrill of a glamorous casino to the comfort of your own home. 

You already know how to play live blackjack -- get the hand closest to 21 without going over! 

What is Live Blackjack?

Live blackjack is one of the most popular live-dealer games in which a professional dealer live-streams from a casino blackjack table for players to follow from their phones or computers. Live casino games operate just like in-person versions -- the same wagers, the same stakes, the same strategy, and the same competition. 

Blackjack is a casino game in which players start with two cards, one face-up and one face-down, and either hit (receive more cards) or stick (stay as is) to get as close to 21 without going over. Want some live blackjack history? As the internet began to boom, blackjack moved online, and now players can play from anywhere with the Jackpot City Casino app. 

How Does Live Blackjack Work?

Live-dealer blackjack online works just like blackjack at a real casino. The only difference is that live blackjack includes a dealer live-streaming the game online. This doesn’t change the rules of the game or the strategy, just simply where the game is played. 

Blackjack live betting follows the same betting rules and tendencies as in-person blackjack. 

Basic Live Blackjack Strategy – Learn to play Live Blackjack

Live blackjack strategy is similar to regular blackjack strategy. There are a few keys to remember: 

  • Follow the dealer’s upcard.

  • Double down tactically, not just for the sake of it.

  • Always remember to split pairs.

  • Keep your emotions in check.

  • Look for opportunistic blackjack side bets.

Rules of Live Blackjack

Here are some key rules for playing live blackjack: 

  • Beat the live dealer by having a hand value closer to 21 (without going over).

  • 10s and face-cards are worth 10, aces can be either 1 or 11, and all other cards are face value.

  • Either hit (receive another card) or stick/stand (stay put).

Types of Live Blackjack Games available at Jackpot City Casino App

The Jackpot City Casino App offers a variety of live blackjack games. Here are some examples: 

  • Classic Live Blackjack: Traditional blackjack rules, beat the dealer without breaking 21.

  • Infinite Live Blackjack: All players share common cards, but the goal is still to beat the dealer.

  • Lightning Blackjack: Standard blackjack but with “lightning cards” that feature random multipliers and could lead to increased payouts. 

Dive into Jackpot City to see more options from the best live-dealer blackjack app out there!

Classic Live Blackjack

Classic blackjack on the Jackpot City Casino app offers players the renowned game of blackjack they love with no frills or gimmicks -- just world-class and professional gameplay. 

Live blackjack classic at Jackpot City is the same game you grew up playing, just with the ability to play wherever you are, whenever you want. 

Infinite Live Blackjack

Infinite blackjack is very similar to classic blackjack with one key twist -- all players other than the dealer share the same cards.

Live-dealer infinite blackjack creates a communal “people vs. the dealer” experience that can be very captivating. An infinite number of players can join!

Lighting Blackjack

Lightning blackjack also follows similar rules to classic blackjack, just with a few more bells and whistles. Lightning blackjack games include various multipliers which allow for greater payouts. 

Live Blackjack Promotions and Bonuses available at Jackpot City

Sign up for the Jackpot City Casino and get up to a $1,000 casino bonus today -- see even more live casino offers when you join. Explore Jackpot City to receive a live blackjack bonus. 

Most Popular Online Casino Games at Jackpot City

Jackpot City is the best live blackjack online casino, but we have more to offer than just that. Looking for more popular games at Jackpot City Casino? Try out our various versions of live-dealer casino games such as the following:

Learn more about our live-dealer promotions and live roulette.

Live Blackjack FAQs

Can you play live blackjack online for real money?

You can play live blackjack online for money on the Jackpot City real online casino, the best real-money blackjack app. 

What is the difference between live blackjack and online blackjack?

Live blackjack includes a real human dealer on a live stream. Usually, games are slower-paced but have more social interaction. Online blackjack is virtual, but the results are powered by automated software. 

Are live blackjack tables rigged?

Live online blackjack with real dealers is not rigged, but it’s important to remember that the house/dealer has a slight advantage. Live blackjack games also legally cannot be rigged in any way. 

Can live blackjack dealers hear you?

No, live blackjack dealers cannot hear what you say. You can interact with live dealers or other players via online chat. 

How many decks are used in live blackjack?

The amount of decks used for live blackjack may vary, but most games use between four and eight. 

Where to play live blackjack online?

Play live blackjack online with the Jackpot City Casino app, the best live casino app in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 



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Patrons must be over the age of 21 and physically present in New Jersey to wager.

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