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Play Live Poker Online with Jackpot City Casino – Now available in PA and NJ

Poker is one of the most popular card games of all time, and Texas Hold’em is the ultimate game of strategy, confidence, craftiness, and luck. There is no better feeling than bluffing your way to victory after the river, whether you’re beating the dealer at a casino or your friends on a poker night. 

With the Jackpot City Casino, you can play live poker your way! Jackpot City’s online live poker features real dealers on high-quality live streams ready to deal you in wherever you are, whenever you want. Jump into games with flexible stakes, social interaction, instant payouts, and innovative features now. Are you a Texas Hold’em fan? Jackpot City has you covered. What about Omaha Poker? You’re in the right place.

Step inside Jackpot City to experience live poker and play online casino games for real money today in Pennsylvania! New Jersey is coming soon.


Live Poker Online for Real Money with Jackpot City Casino

Play live-dealer poker for real money today with the Jackpot City Casino app. Jackpot City has tons of world-class live casino poker games for you to choose from, including 2-Hand Casino Hold’em, Three-Card Poker, and classic Casino Hold’em. Enjoy the action with live professional dealers ready to put the feeling of a casino right at your fingertips. 

Ready to go all-in on the bridge? Want to bluff your way to victory? Start a new adventure with Jackpot City today.

Why Choose to Play Live-Dealer Poker with the Jackpot City Casino App?

The Jackpot City Casino app is your place to go for thrilling, world-class live online poker. Experience a dynamic online environment that delivers the best of poker’s complexity and fun. Games can be enjoyed wherever you are and whenever you want with live dealers on high-quality streams. 

Want to feel the connectivity of live poker? Ready to play popular games? Want to put your poker strategy to the test against other players and real dealers? Jackpot City Casino, the best online live-dealer casino,  is the place for you. 

How to Play Live Poker at Home

Play live poker real-money games with the Jackpot City Casino app. Sign up online today and get up to a $1,000 casino bonus. Once you’re there, buy in to games with either casual or high-stakes options, depending on your preferred style of play. 

Wondering how to play poker online? Looking for live dealers? Experience uninterrupted and unlimited connectivity with Jackpot City Casino. Our world-class games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker are both compatible with the web and adapted for mobile, allowing you to play from the comfort of your own home whenever you like. 

What is Live Poker?

Live poker is a form of online poker that features real dealers live-streaming the game. Live poker games enable these live dealers to interact with players via video while blending the best elements of RNG poker with poker played in a real casino. Live poker is one of the most popular live-dealer games. 

Want some live poker history? Poker has been around in the United States since the 19th century, but online poker emerged in the late 1990s with the development of the Internet. In the 21st century, live dealers came into the picture. 

How does Live Poker work?

Live-dealer poker features real dealers, real cards, and real poker tables. Professional dealers deal players into their poker tables, and players tune in via video to bet and play. Live poker allows for global accessibility without compromising the entire in-person casino experience. 

Live Poker Strategy – Learn to play Live Poker

Live poker strategy involves familiar core poker strategies.  These include:

  • A mix of aggressive and tame bluffing

  • Observing other player’s tendencies

  • Flexibility within a hand

  • Awareness of a player’s own position

  • Emotional control (i.e. sticking to a plan)

Each poker game requires slightly different strategies. For example, Ultimate Texas Hold’em strategy will differ from Omaha Poker strategy. 

Rules of Live Poker

Live poker rules are incredibly similar to those of traditional poker. Here is a refresher:

  • Bets happen before each round.

  • Players try to assemble the best five-card hand possible.

  • Winning is determined by poker hand rankings.

Types of Live Poker Online Games Available at Jackpot City Casino App

The Jackpot City Casino app features a variety of the best live poker online. Here are some examples of different games: 

Texas Hold’em: In this classic poker game, players receive two personal cards and see cards five face-up on the table. The goal? Combine the two in your hand with three on the table to make the best five-card hand.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em: This game is just like the traditional version with one key twist: Everyone plays against the house/dealer rather than other players.

Three-Card Poker: A poker variant in which players are dealt three cards. Games are much faster than traditional Hold’em.

Step inside Jackpot City to determine which is your favorite live poker game online. 

Texas Hold’em

Wondering how to play Texas Hold’em? The rules of Texas Hold’em online are almost identical to standard Texas Hold’em rules. Here are some core rules:

  • Players receive two private cards and share five communal cards, which start face-down.

  • Players bet between each round, including an ante at the beginning.

  • The goal is to make the best five-card “poker hand” following the poker-hand rules.

The Jackpot City Casino features a variety of world-class Texas Hold’em Poker online games, including Jumbo 7 Jackpot Side Bet, 2-Hand Casino Hold’em, and Classic Texas Hold’em. 

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

What are Ultimate Texas Hold’em rules? What is a good Ultimate Texas Hold’em strategy? 

Here are some core rules of Ultimate Texas Hold’em online: 

  • Players receive two private cards and share five communal cards, which start face-down and are not all revealed at once.

  • In traditional Texas Hold’em, players compete against each other to compile the best five-card hand. However, players in Ultimate Texas Hold’em compete individually against the dealer rather than each other. You’re winning chips from the casino, not other players.

You can play Ultimate Texas Hold ’em with the Jackpot City Casino app or play Ultimate Texas Hold’em Online via the Jackpot City Casino desktop site. 

Three-Card Poker

Looking for live three-card poker? Dive into live three-card poker today with the Jackpot City Casino!

Here are some key three-card poker rules to know before you start playing: 

  • Players and dealers each receive three cards.

  • If playing, the dealer’s hand is shown -- the dealer must have a queen high (or better) to qualify.

  • If the dealer doesn’t qualify, players win the money. If the dealer qualifies and the player’s hand beats the dealer, the hand plays out (and ante bets pay out). If the dealer’s hand beats the player’s, everyone plays but the ante bets are all lost.

  • The game is super-quick and fast-paced.

The Jackpot City Casino has the best 3-card poker app and offers competitive 3-card poker odds 24 hours a day. 

Live Poker Promotions and Bonuses Available at Jackpot City

The Jackpot City Casino offers poker bonus bets on Texas Hold’em Games, Three-Card poker contests, and more when you sign up today. 

Dive into the most competitive live online casino games today. 

Most Popular Online Casino Games at Jackpot City

In addition to Texas Hold’em, Jackpot City offers world-class experiences in other popular online casino games. Whether you’re looking for live-dealer poker online or our collection of top-of-the-line online slot machines, Jackpot City is the place for you. 

Looking for more popular games at Jackpot City Casino? Try out our various versions of live-dealer casino games such as the following:

Live Poker FAQs

Can you play live poker online for real money?

Yes, you can play live poker online at the Jackpot City Casino site. Live-poker games feature real, professional, and interactive dealers ready to deal you in at a moment’s notice. 

What is the difference between live poker and online poker?

Live poker features a real dealer via livestream, while online poker does not. 

Are live poker tables rigged?

No, live poker tables and live poker betting are not rigged. Games feature live dealers performing the same functions they would perform at an in-person casino. 

Can live poker dealers hear you?

No, live poker dealers cannot hear you. However, they can talk, and you can interact with dealers or other players via an interactive chat. 

Where can I play live poker online?

You can play live poker online via the Jackpot City Casino desktop site or the Jackpot City Casino app, the best live poker app in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.



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Patrons must be over the age of 21 and physically present in New Jersey to wager.

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