Advantages of Casino Apps

Back in the 1990s, the Internet explosion meant that many more home users than ever before were connected to new worlds. This included online casinos, which forever revolutionized the gambling industry. Today online casinos increasingly have a mobile casino counterpart, and for players, things are better than ever.

A Close Comparison

When mobile casinos were first introduced, there was nothing to really get excited about. Their graphics were much poorer than those at online casinos, and their choice of games was much more limited. Casino functionality was much lower too.

Today, however, the best mobile casinos easily rival the best online casinos. The games have been specially adapted or created for the smaller screens and processing units of these handsets, and they look just as good and play just as well as on a desktop screen.

You get as much choice as you do online when you play at mobile casinos, so it really offers all the same advantages with the added bonus that you can play wherever as well as whenever the mood strikes you.

More Immersive Gaming

Mobile casinos are now many players’ platform of choice for another reason too - their touchscreens. Being able to interact with the games using your fingers on the screen can make things feel much more immediate and authentic than moving a mouse can. In a real casino you’d be handling actual equipment, and touchscreens can feel a lot closer to that.

Think of an instant scratchcard game; you’d get to actually scratch the concealing layer off and reveal the numbers in a real-life situation, and online you do it by moving your mouse. A smartphone or tablet falls between the two, and can be a very lifelike experience.

Apps over Browsers

If you’ve read this far, or if you’ve ever played on a handset before, you know that it is something every gambler should be doing on a regular basis. The convenience and quality is without question, so playing is a no-brainer. The question now is, should you download and install the software or should you access the games directly through your preferred browser? And the answer is not necessarily simple.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both instant and downloaded casino games, so what works best for you really depends on your situation. If you need to conserve space or you’re going to be sharing your device with others, the best thing to do is probably to go through your browser. This doesn’t take up any precious memory space, and you are at less risk of exposing your account to any other parties.

If you have enough space, on the other hand, downloading and installing the app usually means you have access to more features and games, with smoother functionality. Once you’re sure that you are happy with a casino and want to play regularly, it’s always a good idea to download it if you can.

Easy App Install

Downloading and installing a casino to your smartphone or tablet really couldn’t be any simpler. Just choose the download option from the casino itself, or from your preferred app store, accept the terms and conditions, and install. The casino will be available on your app screen immediately, and you should be able to launch it simply by tapping on the icon.

If you’re a newcomer you’ll need to register an account, otherwise you can login with your usual online details and get going. More and more online casinos are launching their own complementary apps, so keep your eyes open for them and enjoy the same experiences across your devices.

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