An Internet Minute: Here’s What Happens!

A minute might not seem like a long time, but a LOT can happen in those 60 seconds – especially if you’re on the Internet. That’s because the scale of the World Wide Web is incredibly vast, and just a brief moment in time can actually go further than we ever imagined. Take online spending for example: $996 956 is spent per minute at various digital establishments. This includes the online casino games at JackpotCity. Now imagine the sheer scale of activity on other platforms, like Google and YouTube. What’s more, if you compare this year’s one minute Internet activities with last year’s, you’ll see that while some have plateaued or even shrunk (we’re looking at you, emails, and you, Snapchat) many have increased at a blistering pace, for example, Netflix. And by next year, it will have all changed significantly again. For now, let’s see what has been happening in an Internet minute during 2019, as displayed in our latest JackpotCity infographic above.

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