For some, summer is a time to sit back, relax and take in the warmer weather but at Jackpot City, there is no rest for the wicked. With months of sporting and cultural events still to come, the online casino has created six brain teasers to test your knowledge and make sure you’re fully focused even throughout the summer holidays.

If you manage to solve them all without looking at the answers, Jackpot City will allow you bragging rights to all of your sport-mad friends!

Let’s play!

Test your footie lingo

The Euro’s trophy is in touching distance, but how well do you know the lingo? Solve these Rebus puzzles to test your knowledge.

Seeing double

You’ve been watching the game, but have you been paying attention to the crowd? See if you can spot the seven differences in these two images.

On the ball

You might be able to follow the ball when it’s on the pitch but how many actual footballs can you see in this image?

Going for Gold

The Olympic rings are iconic, a symbol of countries coming together to take part in one of the oldest sporting events. But are you sure you know the correct colours that make them up? There’s only one set below that rings true, can you see it?

What the puck?

Do you know your hockey shooting angles? We’ve removed the ice hockey puck from the below image but which coordinate it has landed in is down to your knowledge of the game.

The landmark that doesn’t belong

With hundreds of famous landmarks across the US and Canada, some look very similar to others and it might be hard to decipher which ones belong in the correct locations. In this image there are 8 iconic buildings, statues and sights to see but which one has jumped across the pond from Europe?

Did you surprise yourself with your ability to figure out the answers or was your brain teased just a little too much?

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