How Your Gender Affects the Casino Games You Play

It’s a tricky question to put out there these days. There is a lot of very careful stepping around issues when it comes to men and women, and what would be considered normal for either gender. One thing we do know for sure, though, is that men and women are different.

The tricky area comes in when you assign value to the differences. So long as we agree that all things remain equal, we can talk freely, and one of the areas where the differences show is in the casino games that each gender chooses to play.

One of the major reasons for different games to be chosen can be linked back to why a player would visit a casino in the first place. While we all agree that casinos are great entertainment, women and men tend to enjoy the entertainment on offer in different ways. Women like to pass the time, not have to concentrate too hard after a long day, and to be able to sit back, relax and unwind. For this reason, women tend to be represented in greater numbers in games such as slots, bingo and scratchcards. Men, however, love a bit of competition. If there is a chance to beat someone else at the game, or even to beat the house, men will give it their all. For this reason, men tend to choose games like poker, blackjack and even games with more complicated odds like craps.

Another major difference that can be seen between how men and women play or choose their games is the social aspect. Men love to chat while playing poker or blackjack but sometimes the chat logs get a bit competitive, and occasionally even unruly. Even if the person on the other side of the chat box is a good friend, men are still likely to engage in some friendly teasing and cajoling. Women, however, are much more likely to make friends and cheer other winners on. In chat logs from bingo games women can be seen congratulating other women, and even celebrating their wins with them. This is a particularly marked difference between men and women

Of course, these are great generalisations, and there are many men that love to unwind with some great slots games, and just as many women who love a cutthroat game of poker. Never let it be said that the genders aren’t diverse in their interests.

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