Your Guide to the Online Slot Mining Fever

Mining Fever

Source: Microgaming

Mining fever looks set to be one of those popular online pokies that makes a name for itself because of the fascinating game design that its developers, Rabcat, have come up with. Basically, it will fulfil all of your desires if you have ever yearned to head down a gold mine in the company of dwarf miners as they seek out the precious metal. This game's design would tick the boxes of fans of movies like 'Snow White' with a distinct emphasis on fantasy. Not only do the three – not seven - diminutive characters who accompany you on your adventure play a big part in the game's features but they add a certain amount of fun, too.

Thundar, Driler and Bombur are the trio of fearless dwarves you will play the game with. Each is equipped with his own personal mining abilities that you can make use of on your quest for gold. Players who enjoy the game will soon find that they become just as feverish for success as the game's gold-obsessed characters. That's why the game's developers have called it Mining Fever, after all!

Game Features

This is a video reel casino online slot which is best played on a desktop or tablet because it is designed to be viewed in a 16:9 ratio. That said, it will also work dynamically on most mobile devices, too. Mining Feature has five reels and offers no fewer than 243 ways to payout, so there are plenty of opportunities to strike it lucky. One of the on-screen features that players can take advantage of occurs when two of Driler's symbols appear following a spin. Unsurprisingly, this is known as the Dwarven Drill feature. In effect, it is a bonus spin feature that can be played on one of three reels. resulting in a gold vein as well as wild symbols.

The Dwarven Bomb feature is another fun one. This occurs when players see at least two of Bombur's symbols following a spin. If so, then the Dwarven Bomb will appear somewhere in the middle three reels. It will act as a fixed wild in the subsequent bonus spin. Players then receive an additional bonus spin when the bomb will explode into action. As a result, you get between three and four wild symbols scattered at random over the game.

Thundar also has an in-game feature. In effect, this is a scatter feature which allows one bonus spin to occur. When you take this spin, two randomly selected reels will be filled with the same symbol, again chosen by chance. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to obtain three different dwarf symbols following a turn, then you will obtain eight bonus spins. If that's not enough to tempt you, then bear in mind that the Dwarven Gold Train feature will also be enabled. The train will work its way across the game, leaving a trail of handy wild symbols for you to take advantage of.

Mining Fever in Summary

This superbly animated video online pokie offers a very respectable RTP rate of over 96 per cent. It has a low volatility which will appeal to many people who like to play online slots for entertainment and to pass the time in a fun way. It is also worth knowing that all of Mining Fever's 243 ways of winning are permanently enabled in the main slot game. Rabcat may have come up with a game that does not offer the spectacular payout potential of others that you could choose, but what is on offer presents players with a good chance of winning whilst they explore the subterranean world of dwarf mining!

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