What Can You Expect of Treasure Heroes?

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Source: Microgaming

A new title from Microgaming, the highly respected video slot developer, Treasure Heroes is one of those casino online pokies that is likely to be a big hit with both novice and experienced gamers alike. After all, it has plenty to offer everyone. Due to be launched in early March, the game has been designed as a premium casino online slot with some superbly intricate graphics and a well thought through audio design. The play takes place in the dungeon of an old castle where Lara Croft or Indiana Jones might be at home seeking out treasure – and this exactly what you will be doing if you choose to give it a try. So what are the main things that you need to know about what is likely to become one of the big games in New Zealand in 2020?

Treasure Heroes – The Essentials

To begin with, Treasure Heroes is played out on a five by five grid that allows you to enjoy a fantasy gaming environment that is full of mazes, moving walls, keys and secret access points. Rather than the standard five by three reel format that so many online pokies adhere to these days, the expanded playing area means that you are seeking clusters of six or more similar symbols rather than winning lines. There are wild symbols and scatter symbols, so if you are used to the reel type of game, then the five by five format will present no problems at all for you. In fact, most experienced gamers will feel right at home even if they have never explored a draughty dungeon in real life ever before. That said, the game's design is intuitive enough so you don't need to have ever played a video slot before to get the hang of how to win. What's more, the game looks just as good if you are playing it on a desktop computer as it does on a mobile device. Even better, Treasure Heroes comes with some cool gaming features.

The Moving Wall and the Treasure Chamber Features

Like other cluster games, Treasure Heroes rewards you for getting matching symbols in the same area. To begin with, you can trigger the moving wall feature when you get a winning combination. This can make a big difference to your chances of winning prizes because the reels on either side can then be moved up or down by either a single field or a pair of them. Bear in mind, however, that the middle reel will move the corresponding distance in the other direction. Following this, you can then do the same with the top and the bottom rows whilst the middle row will also move the same amount horizontally in the opposite direction. Play it right, and you could get several winning combinations and secure a good payout. Even better, you can trigger the free spins feature when you see two or more free spin symbols. Crucially, it doesn't matter whether this occurs on your first spin or after you have taken advantage of the moving walls feature. Up to ten free spins are possible with Treasure Heroes – more than enough for most players to make good progress!

Treasure Heroes In Summary

A medium volatility game, Treasure Heroes has something to keep everyone interested and it will keep your attention for quite some time even if you are the sort of player who moves on to new games frequently. If you get to the later stages of the game and need to do battle with the undead guardian, then you have certainly earned your chance of winning with a high-scoring combination of symbols. A good tip is to remain unfazed by the moving walls feature when you first come across it. This can be genuinely tricky to get your head around at first – this is a labyrinth-inspired game, after all – but it soon becomes clear what is going on once you have been through the process a couple of times.

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