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Social Gaming

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You can enjoy just as much social interaction playing online pokies as you can in a physical casino thanks to modern social-media-esque features and functions. These social gaming opportunities can be just apps, but they are more often dedicated websites where you can join in social gambling with other people. This cannot only involve common casino games such as roulette, video poker, slots, and blackjack, but also a variety of live dealer games. 

What costs are involved?

If you want to get involved in social gaming, there is usually no entry fee or other charge to pay. But like many other free-to-access Internet games and experiences, there are usually a number of in-game purchase options you can accept or decline. In many cases, you can use a supply of virtual coins to use for ‘betting’ purposes, instead of real money. However, when your personal supply runs out, you may then have to wait for a certain period of time before you can request a further supply. 

Should you wish to continue playing uninterrupted, there is generally an option to purchase further coins for real cash. But there are also other (free) choices you could make. For instance, many social casinos will allow you to borrow extra coins from your friends.

From a casino point of view, allowing people to enjoy gaming without charge increases the popularity of the games they have on offer. And promoting websites where you can play alongside your friends simply speeds up the process of getting people to enjoy the fun side of social gaming. So provided you keep a careful eye on how long you play and what options you choose, you and your friends should be able to enjoy a fun social casino experience without the risk of losing any real money.  

Enjoying social casino gaming alongside your friends

There are many good reasons to take part in social gaming beyond the advantage of being allowed to ‘top up’ a friend’s coin supply. For instance, it’s a great chance to hang out together while playing casino games you all enjoy. And chatting together while you play our slot games or sit down at a virtual blackjack table can be a lot like any other night out or social time spent with the crowd. And social casinos will always put on special focus events where friends can get involved in competing against each other and checking out how their luck ebbs and flows on the leaderboard. The social environment also offers the chance to find new virtual friends with whom you might exchange coins or share a fun gaming experience.   

Social casinos and online casinos: What’s the difference?

Most importantly, social casinos are not all about making or winning real money. Instead, they focus on the fun and social aspects of the experience. Unlike a standard online casino, in a social casino there’s no real gambling involved at all. Another important difference is that, in some jurisdictions where online gambling is banned, you should find that social gaming websites are still perfectly legal. 

Gambling itself can divide people, with some objecting on moral grounds etc., while others seeing gambling as purely fun. But with a social casino, such differences usually disappear, which means social gaming poses no threat to friendships at all. 

Social casinos also tend to have an even greater variety of apps and games than online casinos where players are looking for the chance to win real money prizes. That means you’re free to play where and when you want without the risk of losing money. And for those who might want to keep their gambling options open, social casino gaming is also a great risk-free opportunity to practise and develop those gameplay skills you will need when you do play for real money.  

Stay aware

You’re not obliged to spend your money on a social casino – but people do. So remember social casinos operate on a ‘freemium’ model: Basic games are free but there are lots of chances to purchase extras. When you make those voluntary payments, don’t forget to keep a check on your spending. If you enjoy doing this, then just like gambling in any online casino, you’ll need to set yourself a budget and stay within what you can afford to pay out while you’re having fun.  

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