How to Maximise Your Slots Game Strategy

Slots are by far the most popular casino games globally and there are hundreds of different styles and options on offer at every turn. As a hugely popular game, there are a lot of bits and pieces of advice out there on how to make the most money, work the best strategy, or which games will give you the best odds. Instead of giving you another strategy, JackpotCity have come up with some suggestions on how to maximise the potential of whichever strategy you have chosen to try out.

Play the Free Games

First and foremost, no matter how you plan to play, take advantage of one of the best features of playing online, the free games. No brick and mortar casino will let you wander into the building and try out a few of their games for free. However, this is exactly what you can do at an online casino. Take advantage of this by trying out a few games, until you find one you love. Playing free games is the best way to get a feel for all the features, and to learn how to use them to your advantage. That way, when you start playing for real money you know exactly what to expect and how to make the most of it.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Yet another fantastic feature of online casinos are the various amazing bonuses you can claim when playing for real money. Only the high rollers can expect the same sort of treatment at a land-based casino, but when playing online, everyone gets a chance to reap the rewards and be treated like a VIP. Before you decide where to start playing, have a look through the bonuses offered and see if you can use them to your advantage. Getting a big bonus added on to your deposit just makes playing the game that much more fun, especially since you can increase your bets and play for longer without ruining your budget.

Set Time Limits

No matter your strategy, setting a time limit will keep your head clear and help you keep sight of your wins and losses. Slots are great fun, and are specially designed to be thoroughly engaging and to draw you in. As a result, it’s really easy to get completely carried away and stuck in the game. Set yourself a time limit and, if necessary, even set an alarm so that at a specific interval you get up, walk around the room and stretch your legs. You might be amazed at how much difference it makes to just step away from the screen for a few minutes. Take the opportunity to check your balances and set some intentions for the next interval.

Frequently Draw Your Winnings

Once you have a built up a decent sized bankroll it’s easy to want to sit back and watch it grow a little more with each game. But a streak is sometimes just a streak, and cashing out regularly will help you keep track of your winnings. Set yourself a target, such as $1000, and every time you reach that target cash out your winnings. Once you have seen a nice chunk of cash hit your bank account, you can allocate another budget to your next session and play safe in the knowledge you won’t be spending your winnings. If you follow all of this advice you can continue to play your chosen strategy, and still stick to your budget and keep your winnings. Slots are loads of fun and there’s plenty of opportunity to win big with every spin, and the smarter you play, the greater your payouts could be!

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