How To Start Your Own Blog

Tips for would-be bloggers
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With the power of the Internet now truly penetrating virtually every part of the world, it is more feasible than ever before to run an online business. But this is easier said than done, and requires a great deal of understanding on how the online world operates. Blogging, for example, may not seem like an activity that can generate income. But, with the correct approach, and the right frame of mind, this really is an option in generating regular income.

The question is: how?

We’re here to help you out and these tips will set you on the right track.

Remember though, writing blogs is for the fast of fingers, and those who have a few interesting, flexible ideas rattling around in their heads that they would like to share with the world. Of course if you’re funny that helps too!

Get An Idea

It may seem obvious to point out, but it never hurts to put your ducks in a row. You need an idea in order to get things rolling. But not just any idea, an idea that you feel you can write on, regularly, for an extended period of time. Say, months, or even years.

You may be thinking that the idea that comes to mind is already blogged about by dozens of other writers, but don’t forget that what you have is a unique perspective. So, choose an idea that you are familiar with, say travel for example, and think about what you can say on the topic that is a unique perspective. What angles can you take that are interesting, and will draw interest?

Determine Interest and Target Market

But this in itself is something that needs to be considered. Writing unique blogs about travelling is a good idea, but what if you come up with an area that is less blogged about, and perhaps seems less mainstream? Is there interest, and will Internet users read your blogs?

A quick way to clarify this is to do a Google search on your idea before committing to it, and getting a basic idea how much interest there is in your chosen field. Or if there is massive competition and a vast number of bloggers already doing the same thing.

More to the point, if your idea seems unusual and niche, this may not be a bad thing at all. Niche industries likely have less in the way of regular bloggers, leaving more room for you to operate. Either way, choose your field wisely, and do plenty of research before getting started.

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Find A Home

It is possible to start writing a blog immediately, with many online options providing free blogging services. But if you’re serious about the idea, you may want to claim a domain. It is, after all, easier to stand apart from the other bloggers if you own your own domain, or website. Owning a domain is cheaper than you may think, with an average price of hosting around $10 annually. Certainly not a cost that is going to break the bank.

But before deciding on a domain that you’d like, you might want to decide on a name for your blog first. Don’t overthink it, and rather just go for something that easily identifies what your blog is about. The perfect name may seem like an important step, but you can change it any time, really, if you feel like it. Aspects that you should keep in mind are a name that is easy to remember, uses fewer words rather than more, and doesn’t involve hyphens or numbers.

Start Writing

Get Wordpress or other free blogging software and start writing. Start with whatever comes to mind, play with the idea a bit, find a unique angle, and write. Once you’ve got something interesting, put it up and get it out into the world as soon as possible.

Putting words down, and getting them online is obviously the most important part of this process. Obvious, yes, but what is important to keep in mind is that not every blog has to be a masterful work of art. In the world of blogging, frequency of posts is very important, with the more being better. Try put something new up at least once a week, and stick to the schedule. Your readers will want to know they can find something new regularly, at about the same time, and as your presence grows, so too will your audience!

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