Lucha Legends: Wrestle Your Way to the Top!

Lucha Legends Online Slots

The end of October is turning out to be a great time for online slot players with Microgaming adding another notch to a belt that seems never-ending! Lucha Legends Online Video Slots is the latest casino game to come from the company and as usual it’s packed to the rafters with those classic Microgaming staples. Based on the very popular Mexican style of wrestling, this new slots adventure incorporates the type of winning features that made the Microgaming brand a household name.  From the 31st of October 2018 onward, anyone interested in signing up at JackpotCity Casino can take in the bone-crushing excitement of wrestling coupled with the odds of winning.

The First of its Kind?

Valid question, and the answer to that is no, but I’ll say this much, this one does seem to have the edge over the others. This is not the first slot game to have been made about wrestling, in fact the wrestling theme, like the Egyptian one and the Greek mythology one, has been done loads of times. Players it seems, have a tremendous appetite for certain themes when it comes to slot games and are happy to come back for more.  Not too long ago Realtime Gaming made a slots game called Lucha Libre. Even more years ago, Playtech released a game based on one of the real legends of the 80s, Andre The Giant, and in more recent times, a slots game based on the WWE was also made. So, as you can see, the wrestling theme is one that has stuck.

Whether it’s slots or pokies, you’ll get it all from JackpotCity Casino Online and its slew of exciting casino games!! Join in the action today and get your share of up to $1 600 in bonus cash! Let Lucha Legends Online Slots be your ticket to fantastic winning possibilities.

Classic Microgaming Staples

Microgaming have bequeathed Lucha Legends with some fantastic features; features that they have become known for. In saying all of this, I must also mention that most slots games have similar features, but I’ve noted over and over again that Microgaming always take these features and imbue them with an extra degree of oomph. Obviously with the release of each new game, these features are integrated in such a way as to work within the theme of the game.

Let’s Talk About Playing

When you endeavour to play Lucha Legends Online Slots, you can expect great graphics and accompanying sounds. Spanish guitar music will fill your ears while a total of 5 wrestlers attack the reels to offer up all kinds of wrestling excitement. But let’s be frank, you’re not just here to enjoy the escapist qualities of the game. The big draw card is the slew of win-enhancers and features. These are the real heroes and if they come round often enough, they can fill your pockets too.

On 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines, you’ll be able to profit from Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Bet multipliers and of course, free spins. Lucha Legends offers a Super Wild feature, applicable to each wrestler and capable of creating extra Wild symbols or multiplying existing Wilds up to 3x.

If you’re looking to up the odds, you’ll need to spend more but then a bigger risk can equate a bigger reward. Activate the Power Up Mode to double your bet and see all the wrestlers showcase their signature moves with greater exactness. By powering up, you can score even more extra Wilds and in the process multiply any existing Wilds on the reels by up to 5x!

Finally there’s the Free Spins feature, activated the minute you land 3 Scatter symbols. It’s off to the arena once this happens as 10 free spins come your way, bolstered by the incredible potential of any Wild that might land during this time. If a Wild does land on the reels, it will automatically become a Super Wild and who knows what might result from that? The maximum winning potential of this game, and this is a case of the rains really, really coming down, is 165 000 credits.

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